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3-5 years


Asheville NC 28806 - United States



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Dating Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach

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Awaken the conscious part of yourself that knows how to love deeply!

About Lisa Hawkins


I'm a Dating & Relationship coach. I work with Men and Women to Awaken the Conscious part of themselves that knows how to love deeply. 

I am a coach and counselor with 26 - years of experience in personal growth and development, psychology, and human behavior with an emphasis on relationships, which includes the most important one, with yourself. 

I started training in 2002 and my inner work became a life path, my passion.  A Certified Life Coach, Certified CBT  ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Coach, Dating & Relationship Coach.  I also practice self-inquiry and inner growth work daily as it is part of my life and brings me clarity and understanding through all aspects of my life. Which helps me as a coach.

I help those that want to have a more fulfilling relationship and life.  When we work on one aspect of our life that is holding us back it integrates into other areas of our life. 

Love being the one thing we all crave at a deep level.  We crave our true nature, our self-love, and to express that love to others.

Looking inside ourselves can be the scariest part of life, facing our fears, demons, guilt, hurt, and trauma.  Lisa makes this journey easier.

I have gone through many life experiences so that I understand other’s pain and suffering.  I’ve walked through those and come out stronger, more loving, and able to face whatever comes up in life.  I’ve climbed the mountain.

Along with my ability to work with the subconscious, the inner mindset, I bring to the table understanding, clarity, self-reflection, compassion, and honesty.  The kind of love that tells you what you need to hear all the while holding space and understanding that the EGO will fight it.

Inner peace and self-love come with a price, letting go of our story.  How easy is this process? It’s as easy as you want it to be. When we hold on to our story we experience pain and suffering. When we let go we then get the blissful feeling of freedom. Life becomes easier. 

You want a deeply fulfilling relationship, let’s get started.  This work is not for the passive. It is for those dedicated to reaching that inner joy, that inner strength and finding a more fulfilling life and relationships. Are you up for the journey?


When I am not working I enjoy nature, travel, hiking, rock climbing, zip-lining, organic gardening, dance, opera, and live music. I have two amazing daughters and I love living in the mountains of North Carolina. I’m very passionate about advocating for climate action, civil rights, human rights, and equal rights for the hearing impaired. 

Lisa Hawkins Success Stories

Lisa makes sense

Bottom line,
Lisa makes sense,
and I get her. It’s just
that simple.

She is honest and insightful

She's wonderful about helping you out. She's honest and insightful and really cares about you. A. Edwards

Personal, compassionate and encompasses a larger perspective

I always look forward to a chance to hear your perspective- it's always personal, compassionate, and at the same time encompasses a larger perspective. Thank you for your voice. A.G

Unselfish knowledge

For 3 learning years from you, sharing to us your unselfish knowledge in anthropological psychology behaviors. Now I am most hoping your unselfish sharing to us of your mastery in both physical and psychological in life. Thanks Doc

Living Out loud

Lisa, "Thanks for Living out loud
Thanks for Daring to bring up subjects that are sometimes rough for your average person" J.Walcott

Guiding me to evaluate what I find worthwhile, and why.

I am a disciple of Lisa's work. We have radically different world views regarding politics, society, gender roles, etc... Nevertheless, she is a helpful and valued presence in my life: Guiding me to evaluate what I find worthwhile, and why. She is a great listener, and can elicit deeply hidden insights, just by being quiet and listening, rather than having an agenda for me. I am delighted with Lisa's ongoing presence and tutelage in my life. J. Lofthouse

When I get into funky situations with my wife

I tell you, when I get into funky situations with my wife, I look at your posts and try and open the mind and get perspective.. !!! opening up as a man is rough! but learning and growing is an awesome experience. M. Ortega

Lisa listens well and offers objective non-biased suggestions

Lisa listens well and offers objective non-biased suggestions (from a female perspective, of course) relevant to the issue of concern. It is clear to me that she has done her homework and studied a variety of teachers, theories, and concepts relative to both male & female roles. And she brings her own vulnerable self-discovery to the table, revealing her personal mastery of theory and wisdoms. I found her council helpful and effective in the issues I was confronting. Julia G.

I highly recommend Lisa's Counseling, especially for manly stoic men

Throughout my life, the dominant culture where I live, and my family have taught me that part of my role as a man is to be stoic: that is to silently endure pain or hardship without showing my feelings or complaining. So when coping with an OCD wife, or an alcoholic borderline girlfriend, I bore the pain internally, and suffered in silence.more

Recently Lisa Hawkins and I talked on the phone. She started the conversation by saying something like, "What would you like to tell me about your relationships?" Wow!!!! Who asks things like that? Then she shut up and listened without judging me. She asked questions that invited me to analyze who I am, and why I do and believe the things that I do.

The conversation was wide-ranging. She didn't try to change me regardless of the subject matter. I've talked with other counselors who had an agenda for me. I didn't sense any of that in our conversation. Lisa was respectful and non-judgemental regarding my views, even where they differ from her own. She helped me clarify my beliefs. I certainly understand myself better as a result of our conversation, and I understand patterns in my behavior. Different women... Same issues...

It was super nice to just vent for a change... To set aside my stoic nature for a moment, in a safe place, where my family and community aren't going to judge me harshly for not keeping everything pent up inside. I loved the freedom I felt while talking to Lisa. It was nice to set aside decades of silent endurance.

A long-winded way of saying. "Thank you, Lisa". I appreciate the time that you spent with me. It was really helpful to me.

I highly recommend Lisa's counseling skills, especially for manly stoic men like myself. J. Lofthouse

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