George Clooney: 10 Reasons We're Sad He's Off The Market


Clooney may be married now, but we'll always remember the 10 times we fell in love in love with him.

The hearts of millions of women all over the world broke this past weekend as George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin, officially taking the ultimate bachelor off the market. With their civil ceremony taking place Sept. 27 and our eyes all cried out, there's no better way to celebrate George's new union to the luckiest woman on the planet than by reminiscing about all of the times we fell in love with him.

10. As Ace In E/R: He may have only been a med tech for nine episodes of this short-lived show, but he was the doctor of love as far as the ladies on (and off) the show were concerned. You would have let him give you a checkup any time. You had no doubts he would take good care of you.

9. As George Burnett In The Facts of Life: Oh, George. You may have played a slacker from the hardware store, but women everywhere were subjected to your charm whenever you stopped by to hang out. We all aspired to be Cinnamon just so you'd be our roadie and follow us around.

8. As Dr. Doug Ross In ER: This was more like it. A med tech no more, we could now admire him as a highly skilled pediatrician. The fact that he flirted so often with the women around him let us indulge in the idea that maybe one day he'd speak to us like that — until he had to save a child, of course.

7. As Batman In Batman & Robin: Not only did he look like a superhero in this movie — he actually was one. As he worked to stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City, we could feel ourselves melting for this hunk in spandex. If only he'd swoop in to save our lives!

6. As Danny Ocean In Ocean's Eleven: We could look past his criminal past as we watched this brilliant badboy in action. Calm, cool and collected, he proved it wouldn't be so bad to date a criminal, especially if you got to live a life of luxury with him (after he served a short stint in prison, of course).

5. As Michael Clayton In Michael Clayton: Every woman loves a lawyer, especially one who serves as the male version of Olivia Pope, fixing the ridiculous problems put in front of him. As he ran around making everything right, we knew for sure he would do the same with our lives.

4. As Ryan Bingham In Up In The Air: Yes, his job was firing people, but we still found ourselves liking him for his motivational qualities and his ability to let go of unimportant things. As he tells his sister's fiance, "Everyone needs a co-pilot," we aspired to have him as ours and travel the world together.

3. As Matt King in The Descendants: Here is a man we would want to call our husband. He handled the worst sorts of situations with an admirable grace. At the end of the movie, we would have been happy to be the second wife he always deserved — living in Hawaii would just be a bonus.

2. As Matt Kowalski In Gravity: As if being an astronaut wasn't enough to make us want him, he does whatever he can to protect Dr. Stone, even giving up his life for hers. We weren't surprised she had a vision of him. We've been having our own visions of him ever since.

1. As George Clooney: Even off the screen, he had our hearts, which is what truly makes him ultimate bachelor. His work at home and humanitarian efforts abroad have shown he's not just a great actor — he's a great man. As one of the most influential people in the world, this is one man we'll miss having on the market.