These 21 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions Will Seriously Heat Things Up

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21 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend & Seriously Heat Things Up

Have fun! *wink*

Today, I'm going to show you some really hot and dirty truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner to keep things fun, exciting and, most importantly, never boring.

While you'll usually hear me give some really powerful advice on talking dirty to your man, I want to focus on dirty truth or dare questions for now.

There are tons of ways to spice up your sex life, but playing a dirty sex game of truth or dare with your man is the perfect way to very quickly find out more about each other (on a very deep level) while also very quickly learning about each others' kinks, desires, and fantasies.

You're probably wondering if you should be as nasty as possible. The answer? No!

The idea behind playing dirty truth or dare and coming up with naughty questions is to keep things fun and to find out about more about each other.

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If you start off with the craziest questions you can think of, you'll probably freak your partner out, and vice versa. The best option is to start with relatively tame questions, and as you both get to know each other more, start asking and using more kinky questions.

But be warned: One serious problem that sometimes happens when couples start coming up with their own questions is that they think they can use them to trick their partner to reveal details about their past that are very damaging to your relationship.

So please, please don't use these questions to find out things about your partner that you will just end up resenting.

How To Use These Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions

Obviously, surprising your man with some raunchy truth or dare questions is going to catch him off guard and maybe even freak him out a little. A better way to approach him is to ask him if he wants to play a sexy game of dirty truth or dare some night, maybe even after a few drinks to loosen yourselves up.

Next, you actually need to set up the game.

Both of you need to write down an equal number of truths and dares that you want to ask each other. Each of you should take 20 pieces of paper. Write down a dirty truth you want to ask your man on the first 10 pieces of paper, and fold them. Then, write down a dirty dare on the next 10 pieces of paper and fold them. Your man needs to do the same.

Now each of you has two piles. You're then going to play the game in turns. If you go first, you need to choose a truth from your man's pile of truths. If you don't want to answer it, you need to choose a dare that you must do.

Once you complete either a truth or dare, it's your man's turn to do the same. The game ends when you both have a single pile of either truths or dares left.

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Now that you know how to play this sex game, it's time to learn some dirty truth or dare questions to use on your man. Are you ready?

10 "Dirty Truth" Questions:

1. "Have you ever had a same-sex experience? How was it?"

2. "If you could have a threesome with me and someone else, who would you choose?"

3. "What's your favorite type of porn?"

4. "When was the last time you masturbated?"

5. "What do you fantasize about during sex?"

6. "If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?"

7. "Have you ever found someone attractive who you knew was actually ugly?"

8. "Have you ever tried or wanted to try BDSM?"

9. "What's the biggest age difference between you and someone you've had sex with?"

10. "What's your most embarrassing sexual experience?"

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And 11 "Dirty Dares":

1. "I dare you to go down on me for the next 10 minutes."

2. "I dare you to play the rest of the game naked."

3. "I dare you to use a butt plug."

4. "I dare you to eat whipped cream off my naked body."

5. "I dare you to wear my underwear for the next two hours."

6. "I dare you to try anal with me."

7. "I dare you to take a photo of us naked together."

8. "I dare you to masturbate in front of me."

9. "I dare you to lick my feet."

10. "I dare you to let me spank you."

11. "I dare you to make some homemade pornography."

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Sean Jameson is a sex expert and founder of the Bad Girl's Bible website. He creates videos and detailed tutorials to help improve couples' sex life and intimacy.