Why Girl-Time Is Keeping You Single


How your squad may not be helping you out.

I was with my friend John the other night, standing in front of a place called, The Stephen Talkhouse.

The Stephen Talkhouse has been around forever. It’s changed over the course of its lifetime too. It used to be a bar where students would meet.

Now they use it for music, and bands will come in and play. It’s expensive too. It costs a $30 cover change to get in just to stand in the bar.

We stood and people watched for a while. We saw a group of at least eleven women waiting to get in. There was enough for a football team. I thought to myself, why do we go out in such big groups and how do we ever make these group decisions. I’ve never had a group mentality.

I’ve always run with one or two friends tops. Group mentality has never appealed because you take on way to many moods and energies. You have to satisfy so many people.

I look at women when they go out in big groups and think, they’re never going to meet anybody. No man out there, no matter how confident, is going to go and approach the entire NFL roster.

Guys find it hard enough approach a woman when she’s on her own, let alone an entire group of women. If you’re going out because you’re just hanging with friends and having fun then it’s fine. But if you’re going out to meet a man, then you need to rethink.

It’s hard for a guy to approach a group of women. He’s on display and he knows it. Most guys aren’t great at approach, so give them an audience and they’re going to crumble.

The next time you get together with a pack, your NFL team, your linebacker, your quarterback, your defensive coordinator, and your quarterback. I strongly suggest you break away, and go to different areas of the bar. Why? So you're able to meet people!

Don't be intimated by the idea of meeting men. Anything with a short skirt and a pair of high heels intimidate men so they’re just as afraid as you. I've seen smart men become dumb when women are dressed really well.

So start using this advice and you can start to meet really good men. Otherwise, what's going to happen is you, your pack, are all going to go home or go to Denny's together at the end of the night.

They’re going to have some bad greasy eggs and talk about the men that you could've, should've, or wanted to meet. Lose the pack mentality and watch what happens.