Over 40 and Dating: Why First Dates Don't Become Seconds (Part 2)

Love, Self

The last three of five awesome insights that will have him calling you back!

Continuing from yesterday, it's important to make yourself memorable when you are dating. There are tons of women out there; you want to be the one he wants to know.

When you follow this advice and get your story out in the right way, the guys who are good matches will take notice. They are getting to know you (sometimes) in one conversation…so make it count!

1. Get out that shiny stuff.
Help him get to know you and why you're a good match. Get those yummy nuggets out! Drop into the conversation that you are learning how to swing dance, are volunteering at the local animal shelter, went to Tahiti, etc. These things tell him a lot about you.

If you don't think you have interesting and intriguing things to share, I promise you do. Your story will attract the right guy; you just have to know how to tell it. If you need to, get a friend or a coach to help draw out your nuggets. You need to be armed and ready to go when opportunities arise!

2. Always leave him wanting more
A common complaint from men is that we talk too much. (Imagine that!?!?) Many of us also have a love affair with the details of any story. Men hate that, too.

You want him to learn about you, and you him. Keep the conversation high-level and direct. When you share something that connects you, tell him just enough so he knows it and wants to learn more.

3. Close in a bold and specific way—but not too.
Like us, many men have fears and insecurities. They also don't want to work too hard to connect. (Remember, they have lots of choices.)

Let him know you're interested. Forget the "I had a nice time" line. Everyone says that; it's a throw-away. Instead, be direct and clear: "Bob, I had a great time with you and would love to do it again." Then Bob has the next move.

Dump the "I never get asked out because I'm not pretty enough" stuff.

You're full of fantastic traits that will draw men to you, but you have to let them know you possess them! Make yourself memorable and discover other ways to behave on first dates with men. Then wait for that phone to ring for the second date!