Kim Kardashian Sits Down With Celebrity Gossip Influencer Amanda Hirsch To Discuss Pete Davidson

Fans have been waiting for this one.

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Everyone’s favorite Kardashians Kommentator has finally secured an interview with none other than Kim Kardashian herself on this week’s episode of “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast.

Kardashian opened up about meeting Pete Davidson for the first time and the “zing” she felt during the on-screen “SNL” kiss.

She talked about her excitement over renaming her KKW brands and discussed her family’s upcoming Hulu show all in a long-await interview for fans of the SKIMS founder and Not Skinny But Not Fat.


The show’s host, Amanda Hirsch, also runs the popular Instagram account of the same name and has long been a go-to source for fans looking to track the Kardashian’s moves.

Hirsch was even present on the red carpet at ‘The Kardashians’ Hulu premiere to keep up with the famous family in person.

So, who is the woman behind the popular, and occasionally controversial, Instagram account?

Who is Amanda Hirsch from notskinnybutnotfat?

Amanda Hirsch is a pop-culture analyst of sorts, running an Instagram account with over 500,000 followers that regularly posts celebrity gossip content.

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Hirsch herself says she is “literally sharing her opinions and providing commentary.”

Amanda Hirsch is based in New York.

She grew up in a suburb of New York City and majored in communications at Ithaca College.


After college, she traveled to Israel where she met her husband Yaron Weiss – who her followers will know best as “Husb.”

The couple lived there for five years before returning to New York City where Hirsch briefly tried, and ultimately gave up on, a career in writing.

@notskinnybutnotfat began in 2016.

In the beginning, the account was primarily focused on memes about diet culture and self-deprecating humor.

Today, the 33-year-old says she wouldn’t choose the same username and her account has transitioned away from food memes and towards celebrity gossip – with the occasional cameo from her son, Noah.

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As her followers have grown, Hirsch’s success has too. She now posts the occasional sponsored post, monetizing her content. 

She has a popular podcast that has featured guests from Sarah Hyland to LaLa Kent.

Amanda Hirsch has been partially responsible for publicizing major celebrity gossip.

Hirsch played a role in sharing DMs allegedly sent by actor Armie Hammer in which he relayed sexual fantasies including abuse and cannibalism.

She was contacted by The New York Times to comment on the viral theory that Hilaria Baldwin was faking her Spanish accent after Hirsch had posted about it on her Instagram.

She even keeps in touch with celebrities like Sophie Turner, offering her advice on keeping media attention away from her daughter. 


She does have some celebrity haters though. Hirsch says she is now blocked by Alec Baldwin and Travis Barker’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler.

Even some of the Kardashians follow notskinnybutnotfat.

Hirsch is now in with the crowd she comments on. Kim Kardashian follows her. Kourtney once did but no longer does. 

In Hirsch’s recent podcast interview with Kim, the SKIMS founder says she had been following her account from her finsta for quite some time. 


Hirsch’s popularity is likely to continue now that Kim has sat down with her. And if recent events are something to go on, Hirsch will likely become a vital source for even more celebrity gossip.

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