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Why Fans Think Kylie Jenner Faked Her Appearance At ‘The Kardashians’ Premiere To Avoid Unedited Photos

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Kylie Jenner

Body positivity and discussions around how we view our and others’ bodies are not especially new conversations.

Debatably some of the biggest figures in such conversations are the Kardashians, who many have accused of setting unrealistic and unfair beauty standards for women all around the world via social media.

After the ‘The Kardashians’ Hulu premiere, seems as though the excessive focus on one’s own body may also extend to the Kardashians themselves.

Kylie Jenner might have tried to prevent unedited photos of her from being shared from the Hulu premiere.

An astute viewer posted some observations that might indicate that Kylie Jenner went to great lengths to prevent any unedited photos of her from the night of the premiere from making it onto the internet.

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@problematicfame posted an Instagram story in which they explain their belief that Kylie Jenner made sure that the only photos of her at the Hulu premiere of ‘The Kardashians’ that were posted online were edited and approved by her or her team.


The first interesting observation by the Instagram user is found in the images uploaded to Getty Images from the event. Or, more accurately, the observation is of the absence of Kylie Jenner. According to @probelmaticfame, “from the 137 images uploaded to Getty Images, Kylie is in none of them.”

While this is interesting given Kylie Jenner’s level of fame, it isn't very significant on its own.

Kylie Jenner only appears in photos taken by her ‘personal photographer.’

Another of @probelmaticfame’s observations is that all of the photos of Jenner available from the event were taken (and possibly edited by) her personal photographer.

While it’s certainly not out of the ordinary for a celebrity to have their own, paid paparazzi, the fact that the only pictures that we have from the event come from this source indicates that Jenner only wants to be viewed through a window of her choosing.

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All of the images that anyone has of Jenner from this event most likely had to be approved by her and her team.


Jenner may not want unedited photos of herself to be seen online.

Because all of the pictures that anyone has of Jenner at this event effectively came from Jenner, @probelmaticfame posits that she might be unhappy with the way that she looks without edits and might be affected by the same ‘body shame’ that the Kardashians often catch flak for reinforcing.

If @problematicfame’s theory is correct, then it wouldn’t be the first time that Jenner had worked to keep images of herself off of the internet, such as in September of 2020 when she asked her sister to delete a picture of her from a decade earlier.

Ultimately, @probelmaticfame’s conclusions are just the speculation based on circumstantial observations and it’s unknown how Kylie Jenner feels about herself and it probably isn’t really anyone else’s business.

@probelmaticfame concluded with well-wishes for Jenner, saying that they hope that they “hope that Kylie finds confidence and self-acceptance to walk red carpets without jumping through all these hoops just to prevent unedited photos from being published.”

If true, Jenner's efforts to ensure no unfiltered images of her circulate point out even more problems with the way we view women's bodies — especially women who have gained weight.

The Kardashians are some of the most influential women in the world. If anyone would have the power to change how we think of weight gain it would be them. But, instead, these women are as victimized by the beauty standard they created as anyone else.

Even they can't keep up with the expectations we place on women to look a certain way.

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