Why Fans Think Kylie Jenner Is Avoiding The Media After Skipping Interviews At ‘The Kardashians’ Premiere

We hope Kylie is okay.

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The Kardashian empire walked the red carpet yesterday for the premiere of their long-awaited Hulu show, ‘The Kardashians’.

We saw designer looks from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, Khloe Kardashian, and even Scott Disick.

But fans noticed that a certain pair of sisters were missing from the red carpet walk, dodging press and causing concern for one of the two who has recently given birth.


Is Kylie Jenner avoiding the media?

The youngest KarJenner skipped out on the family's Jimmy Kimmel appearance earlier this week, which all of her sisters attended.

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During the ‘The Kardashians’ premiere, neither Kendall nor Kylie was photographed on the carpet.


Later on, Kylie made her appearance and got a couple of photos snapped in her all-white Coperni dress, but fans didn't speak to any reporters nor pose with her family.

She’s been awfully quiet since the birth of her baby, yes, but even before that while the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family has been teasing and promoting the show, she has seemingly kept herself out of any spotlight.

Hence, fans have been speculating as to why Kylie is keeping things so lowkey.


Kylie Jenner has spoken about struggling with her mental health after giving birth.

About two months ago, Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their second child into the world, but haven’t released the name of the baby to the media.

In fact, they’ve both been very silent in general when it comes to press and media.

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What she hasn’t been quiet about, however, is her struggles with her mental and physical health post-partum.

In a video she posted to her Instagram story, she revealed that postpartum was “not easy” and that she has been putting a lot of pressure on herself.


"Once I realized that…I was putting some pressure on myself and I just keep reminding myself ‘I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy' and we have to stop putting pressure to be back, not even psychically, just mentally after birth," she said.

This is likely why she hasn’t been talking to the press since the beginning of February, also adding that talking to the press would mean answering questions about baby number two and how the whole world wants to know her new son’s name.

But that doesn’t answer the question of why she hasn’t been outside much before giving birth, and the answer to that could be because of her rapper boyfriend Scott himself.


The Astroworld incident is likely still weighing heavy on Kylie and Scott’s minds.

The concert was a tragedy where over 300 people were injured, 25 people were sent to the hospital, and 10 people died either at the concert itself or from injuries at the hospital afterward.

After the initial backlash, Scott tried to save face with Kylie helping him by apologizing, reasoning and going dark.

This happened in November, but who knows how long an incident like that could weigh on their minds or how long it would take the heat to die down.


If her fear is over ‘cancel culture’ or a stain on her reputation, then she’s likely waited long enough to make a return, but it’s likely a multitude of reasons that she hasn’t.

For instance, she has talked about her battle with anxiety and “Growing up in the light with a million eyes on you,” so she never really enjoyed the limelight anyway, but we’re happy to see her return, however small, and hope she’s doing well.

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