Travis Barker Threatened To 'Put A Bullet' In Ex-Wife's Head In Resurfaced Police Report

The two had a tumultuous relationship.

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In a resurfaced police report, exes Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler were both arrested back in Los Angeles in 2014 after threatening to kill each other.

According to TMZ, Barker and Moakler were "handcuffed and thrown in the back of squad cars for making criminal threats against each other on December 7."

As fans discussed the police report on Reddit, many shared their concerns for Kourtney Kardashian, who recently married the Blink-182 drummer.


Travis Barker was arrested in 2014 after an argument with Shanna Moakler, according to the police report.

The argument between the former couple ensued "over a reality show" the Blink-182 drummer wanted to do with his two children.

Moakler and Barker married in 2004 after two years of dating, and welcomed their first son, Landon, in 2003 and daughter, Alabama, in 2005.

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Moakler also has a daughter, Atiana De La Hoya, from her previous relationship with boxer Oscar De Lay Hoya. Barker and Moakler ended up separating in 2006, but continued their tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship until their divorce was finalized in 2008.


Barker and Moakler also had their own reality show, 'Meet The Barkers,' from 2005 to 2006, which featured their two young children in it as well. 

In the arrest report, Barker is quoted saying, "If I could I'd put a bullet in your head," to his ex-wife.

Moakler ended up calling the LAPD to their home in Los Angeles. 

After continuing to fight in front of the officers, the two were handcuffed and "taken to the station." Moakler even told authorities that she and Barker hadn't been getting along and that he regularly called her a "b--ch."

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Along with that, Moakler also claimed that Barker had also called her "a piece of garbage," and that she is "cigarette, coke-snorting" and that she also has an email in which he says, "My poor kids have a wh--e for a mom."


Sources told TMZ that charges against the two would not be filed but The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Servies had been contacted and would conduct an investigation." 

Moakler talked about her relationship with Barker during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, following her elimination from 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this year.

"My children are my first priority, and that's one thing that I think Travis and I do agree on," Moakler said.

"That's probably the only thing we agree on, but our children come first and their happiness. As long as the Kardashians are good to my kids, that's all that matters to me as a mom. As long as they're happy, and that's the key."


She also cleared up speculation that she was "obsessed" with Barker's new relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

The rumors seemed to heighten right after Barker popped the question to Kardashian, and Moakler decided to take a break from social media, with an announcement to her Instagram story that read, "Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance."

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"I'm really just not," she explained. "I'm in a relationship [with Matthew Rondeau], and I'm really happy, and it's just not something that's centered in my world, and that's why I was so excited for this Big Brother opportunity because I wanted America to see me for who I was."


Kourtney Kardashian fans are concerned about the details of Travis Barker's arrest.

"I also get the feeling from watching the show that his feelings for her are not totally genuine. Like he's trying to convince others or himself. or he could just be an awkward guy in general," a fan wrote on Reddit.

Others compared Barker's latest marriage to his previous one.

"Travis love-bombed Shanna as well. This is who he is. i think he's just a hopeless romantic and Kourt is kind of the same too,” one user wrote.


"I get super creepy vibes from him. No wonder if she comes out in a few years about the domestic abuse," concluded another.

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