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Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Rumored To Be Expecting Second Child After Fans Spot ‘Baby Bump’ In Viral Photos

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sophie turner joe jonas expecting second baby

A few photos have been enough to send fans in a frenzy about whether Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting a baby again.

Jonas and Turner have always been quite secretive about their relationship, quietly marrying in 2019 and welcoming a baby the following year.

Turner kept her first pregnancy with daughter, Willa, very low-key by never sharing a pregnancy photo or officially confirming the birth. 

So, when new photos of Turner appearing to be pregnant again were released, fans were left to come to their own conclusion.

Is Sophie Turner pregnant again?

Photos of Turner and Jonas out and about recently suggest the "Game Of Thrones" actress is pregnant as she was seen showing a bump under a figure-hugging dress.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed and all bodies go through changes so no one really knows.

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Whether this is a rumor or a fact is still unknown. Neither Jonas nor Turner have confirmed or denied it.

However, that doesn’t stop the fans from deriving their theories and jumping to conclusions.

Fans think Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are expecting another baby.

After photos of the two were posted on Instagram, there have been many comments from fans about them potentially having another baby.

One user commented, “To Baby or not Baby! That is the question.”

Another user commented, “I couldn’t find where it was announced they were pregnant with #2 but obviously she looks pregnant.”

Another user commented, “She looks pregnant, yes, but they’re not the type to pose for the paparazzi MUCH either.” 

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Fans seem to be excited at the possibility of Turner being pregnant, however, many internet users are speaking against it.

Many users are claiming that it's just the body a woman has after she has been pregnant and condemning other users for body-shaming the Game of Thrones actress.

One user wrote, “STOP SPECULATING ON IF A WOMAN IS PREGNANT! If she is, let her announce it! You’d think by now people would be informed on why you shouldn’t speculate if someone is pregnant or not but by reading these comments, it’s maddening.”

Another user commented, “She's not pregnant gosh, she still has the body when SHE was. It doesn't go right away the next morning.”

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra announced news about their first baby too.

This rumor couldn't have come up at a better time as recently, Chopra and Nick welcomed their first baby. 

They had a baby girl through surrogacy in January and have tried to keep away from the public eye to focus on their new family.

Fans think that Turner and Joe's potential baby might be another addition to the Jonas family.  

As fans keep speculating on the rumor, it is still unclear whether the couple are expecting another baby. Whether Turner is pregnant or not can only be confirmed by the couple, however, fans are always ready for another Jonas baby.

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