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Video Of Kylie Jenner's Daughter With Her Nanny Has Fans Questioning Her Parenting

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Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster, nanny

Kylie Jenner recently sparked a debate concerning her parenting after a video surfaced of her daughter with her nanny.

Jenner, who shares daughter Stormi, 4, with rapper Travis Scott, is facing another round of criticism regarding her relationship with her daughter and how much of a hands-on mother she truly is.

Kylie Jenner is being accused of letting her nannies raise her daughter.

The comments came after a viral TikTok video showed Stormi sitting on the shoulders of her nanny as the two of them appeared to be on a walk.

In the short clip, Jenner's daughter is filmed laughing and smiling as her nanny playfully tickles her. 

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While the video seemed innocuous enough, users quickly accused Jenner of neglecting her daughter and insinuated that Stormi's nanny is her "real mother," unlike Jenner.

"This the happiest I've seen this child without effort... no expensive purse, clothes, toys can replace genuine care," one user wrote, while another added that they've "never seen Stormi like this with her mum."

A third user chimed in, "As a nanny often we’re with these kids more than their own parents it's our job to act in a parental role for them sometimes it's all they have."

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Other users defended Jenner from the mom-shaming comments.

While some comments called out Jenner for being an "absent parent" in her daughter's life, others jumped to Jenner's defense, pointing out that the makeup mogul's parenting can't be judged just by how Stormi acts with her nanny.

"Kylie takes Stormi almost everywhere with her so for the ones saying Kylie isn't the one raising her who are you? Yeah, [the] nanny does play a part but c'mon," one user remarked.

Another user recalled having a good relationship with their own babysitter but added that their parents were still hands-on.

"Y'all so bitter. I had a babysitter as a kid when my parents worked and LOVED that woman. However, when my parents came home I loved them even more!!!"

A third user pointed out that children are usually happy and carefree around their caretakers "since they feel safe with them."

"It doesn't mean Kylie is an absent mother, it just means Stormi likes [her nanny] because she is nice and cares for her when [Kylie] is busy."

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In the past, Jenner has been accused of acting "cruel" toward Stormi.

While Jenner gives her fans an insight into her relationship with Stormi, it leaves much room for excessive amounts of criticism regarding how she parents her daughter.

In October 2022, Jenner was called out for "using" her daughter after the reality star posted a photo of her and Stormi's faces covered in stickers.

Jenner's fans claimed that the makeup mogul had posted the "calculated" photo with her daughter to try and appear more relatable on social media.

While the list goes on and on about different circumstances where Jenner has elicited heavy backlash for her parenting style, it doesn't seem to deter her from still sharing glimpses of their life online.

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