What Kylie Jenner Pays Her Team Of Nannies For Daughter Stormi & Her Baby Boy

She pays them generously!

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It's no surprise that Kylie Jenner, just like her sisters, has a full team of nannies to help her with her two children.

Jenner, who runs multiple businesses including her billion-dollar cosmetics brand, can't always split her time between her children, Stormi, and her baby boy, whose name she has not yet revealed, which she welcomed in February 2022.

It's why she has a full team of nannies to help, but ever wonder how much Jenner is paying them?


How much does Kylie Jenner pay her nannies?

Jenner's nannies allegedly make a six-figure income for watching her two children.

According to Closer, via Mirror, a source claimed that Jenner pays the team of nannies that watch Stormi an estimated $200,000 a year.

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As for Jenner's son, the source alleged that the mogul spent $1 million on the newborn when it comes to his own team of nannies, which will now count eight between the two of them.

Jenner was also said to have hired an around-the-clock bodyguard, driver, masseuse, stylist, and two specially-trained baby nurses to care for her children's every need.


"Kylie's gone all-out this time round but, in her eyes, she's worked hard enough to justify giving her kids the very best start in life," the source told the publication.

"While she's an extremely hands-on mum, she is also a busy career woman building an empire, so when she's working, she wants to know that her children are being taken care of by the very best team and their safety is her number one priority."

The source continued, "Having ample staff for her little boy also means she'll be able to spend quality time with Stormi and give her the attention she needs, knowing that the arrival of a little sibling might be difficult for her at first.


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At first, Kylie Jenner was adamant about not hiring nannies.

Following the birth of Jenner's daughter, the reality star originally had no intention of hiring extra help.

However, she eventually changed her mind, according to HollywoodLife.

"Kylie had every intention of raising Stormi without nannies but it didn’t take very long for her to admit that she needs help,” a source close to Jenner told the publication. “She went three nights in a row without really sleeping."

"After that, she broke down and hired night nurses," the source continued, adding that it didn't take long for Jenner to hire more nannies to help her with Stormi.


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“That was such a big help she very quickly started hiring more staff for her and Stormi. Her mom [Kris Jenner] is still helping her but she’s got her own life, she’s not giving that up.”

Jenner also reportedly snubbed her sisters, declaring that she was capable of taking care of her daughter all on her own, but was quickly proven wrong.


"Kylie had to eat a little humble pie when she agreed to hire nannies because she made such a big deal about how she wasn’t going to do it,” the source admitted.

“She definitely said some things that were a little offensive to her sisters about them using nannies, they’re giving her a hard time about it now.”

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