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Fans Debate Why Kylie Jenner Protects Her Son’s Privacy But Regularly Shares Photos Of Her Daughter

Photo: Instagram
Kylie Jenner fans debate her son's privacy

Kylie Jenner fans have been wondering why Jenner only protects the privacy of her son after she shared a Father’s Day Instagram post that covered his face.

Keeping their kids out of the spotlight and giving them a normal life is an admirable decision many celebrity parents make.

But, given how public Jenner is about her daughter, fans find it odd that her son isn't getting the same treatment.

Kylie Jenner gave fans a rare glimpse of her son but used an emoji to cover his face.

Jenner has kept a low profile since giving birth back in February and has yet to reveal the name of her son or the first photo of his face.

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In her Instagram tribute to her children's father, Travis Scott, the little one is seen lying on his dad's chest while laying in bed with his big sister, Stormi, whose face is fully visible in the snap.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

One Kardashian fan also shared a post on Reddit questioning it and refuting the claim that she just wants privacy. They wrote if Jenner wanted privacy, she would do it for both of her children.

Some fans defended the socialite claiming that she learned from her past mistakes.

As Jenner received a lot of speculation and judgment from the public and media when she would post about Stormi, perhaps she is trying to keep her son out of the limelight.

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One user wrote, “Y'all act like there are [no] people who swore up and down that Stormi isn't Travis' daughter. THE MOMENT she reveals that boy's face people are going to be scrutinizing it for whether he is ‘cute’ and if he looks like Stormi.”

Some people agree with the post and think this has nothing to do with privacy. Another user wrote, “It’s definitely not for safety and 100% for building attention and hype over what the new baby looks like.”

Others accused Kylie Jenner of using her kids to promote her brand.

In another Reddit post, one fan shared that the reason Jenner does this is so she can promote her brand with the help of Stormi. 

“Their whole brand is about the male gaze and being ‘It girls’ and they’re trying to slowly make their daughters into the next generation of influencers. Kylie can’t use her son unlike Stormi to promote her cosmetics or clothes,” they wrote.

They also brought up how other Kardashians do this with their children as well, however, people don't notice it.

They wrote, “When I think about it, even Kim doesn’t post her sons as much but always posts North and empathizes [with] Chicago's looks.”

Many Reddit users had similar thoughts to the post and shared their opinions about it.

One user wrote, “I agree. Kim has already started to market both her daughters, while her sons are a lot less exposed and she doesn't share as many ‘funny’ stories about them.”

“I was all set to disagree with you & say that I don’t think it’s that deep,” another user wrote, “But I realized that I honestly couldn’t pick Saint & Psalm out of a group of kids."

"Versus with North & Chi, I can easily identify them & picture them both in my mind, just because they are posted so much more frequently.”

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