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Meet The Model Travis Scott Has Been Linked To For 10 Years — Even While Dating Kylie Jenner

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YungSweetRo, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott is denying any association with YungSweetRo, a woman he has been accused of cheating on Kylie Jenner with in the past.

YungSweetRo, whose real name is Rojean Kar, stirred infidelity rumors once again over the weekend after she shared an Instagram story appearing to be in the same location as the rapper.

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The rapper denied the connection in an Instagram story writing: "It's a lot of weird sh--going on. An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video."

"I'm saying this for the last time. I don't know this person. I've never been with this person. So please stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional storytelling."

The model also denied that she was dating the 31-year-old rapper in a deleted Instagram comment on The Shade Room, writing, "I didn't even realize he was there. Y'all need to stop perpetuating this sh-t."

Who is YungSweetRo?

YungSweetRo, or Rojean Kar, is a 27-year-old model who has been linked to Scott on and off for the past 10 years.

In 2019, she made headlines when Scott was accused of cheating on Jenner.

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Her Instagram profile boasts over 400,000 followers. She regularly shares fashion and travel content.

Travis Scott and YungSweetRo were linked back in 2013.

Kar and Scott were first documented together in January 2013 after the rapper shared an Instagram post of a woman believed to be Kar. The two were allegedly on a trip to Paris together.



As Scott rose in fame and popularity, Kar was often spotted backstage at his concerts in 2015.

Travis Scott was previously accused of cheating on Kylie Jenner with YungSweetRo.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, who began dating in April 2017, took a break in 2019 which many people speculated had been because Scott was secretly seeing Kar.

Over the year leading up to Jenner and Scott's breakup, the 'Butterfly Effect' rapper and Kar would often post Instagram photos from similar locations, including a casino and a rumored ski trip the two took together.

At the time, Jenner was also linked to her ex Tyga but quickly tweeted to shut down those rumors.

"There was no '2am date with Tyga.' You see me drop two of my friends off at a studio that he happened to be at," she tweeted after reports linked to two, one day after Scott and Kar were rumored to be together.

"Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi. Our friendship and our daughter is [our] priority," she added in another tweet.

Fans suspect YungSweetRo has lied about her association with Travis Scott.

Since most of the evidence of their alleged affair over the years is based on similar social media posts, fans have pointed out that Kar could be faking these posts in order to stir rumors.

Fans have pointed out that Kar has posted Instagram photos that allude to her being in the same place as Scott even when Scott was on trips with Jenner.

YungSweetRo has alluded to a feud with Kylie Jenner.

Kar also reportedly posted about frequently being blocked and then unblocked by Jenner in the past, according to BuzzFeed, and even captioned a photo of herself wearing a watch that she claimed Scott had purchased for her.

"Tell your [baby daddy] I said [thanks]," Kar's original caption read, before changing it to instead say, "It was song lyrics." 

However, Kar eventually denied the rumors that Scott had cheated on her with Jenner.

"None of these rumors are true," she wrote on her Instagram Story. "It's just the internet creating a false narrative. Please stop spreading lies and leave him, her & I alone because it's affecting real lives. Thank you."

A source also close to the rapper told E! News that any reports of infidelity were "false."

"Any rumors of cheating are totally and completely false and [the] press should really report on facts rather than rumors and speculation."

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