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12 Insanely Expensive Things Kylie Jenner Has Bought For Stormi

Photo: Instagram
Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster

Since welcoming her daughter, Stormi Webster, with rapper Travis Scott in February 2018, Kylie Jenner has definitely spoiled her first-born with expensive gifts.

Of course, thanks to her many successful businesses, and the fact that she is a billionaire, Jenner can afford to shower Stormi with extravagant presents.

But does a kid really need all these luxury items? You can decide for yourself.

Here are 12 expensive things Kylie Jenner has bought for Stormi.

1. An Hermès Backpack that costs $12,500.

It seems that Kylie Jenner wants her daughter to travel to school in style, even if she's only being homeschooled.

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Featured on Jenner's Instagram story, was a photo of Stormi wearing a Hermés backpack that retails for $12,500, according to Hollywood Life. 

2. A $725 Mini Prada Purse.

Photo: Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Leading up to Christmas 2020, Jenner snapped a photo of Stormi carrying Prada’s Re-Edition nylon mini shoulder bag in “periwinkle blue,” which retails for $795, according to Lyst.

Stormi was photographed wearing the Prada purse along with brown leather pants, a white tank, and silvery jewelry, pretty much cementing herself as a well-dressed toddler.

3. Kylie bought Fendi Stroller for Stormi which costs $2,400.

Photo: Instagram | Kylie Jenner

After Stormi was born, Jenner posted a photo of herself pushing her daughter in an extravagant Fendi stroller, and she even had a matching $1,562 diaper bag.

The stroller became incredibly popular that it continues to be sold-out in North American Fendi boutiques, with re-sale prices in the thousands, according to Hollywood Life.

4. Stormi owns another Hermès Handbag costing $15,000.

Photo: Instagram | Kylie Jenner

At just one-year-old, Stormi was already sporting a $15,000 hot pink “Kelly” bag, named after the late Grace Kelly. 

While on vacation, Jenner snapped a photo of her daughter carrying the bag that is worth more than a car payment.

5. Kylie Jenner reportedly gifted Stormi a diamond ring.

We can only imagine how much Jenner spends on Stormi when it comes to important holidays, like Christmas.

Though, it might not be that hard to imagine after Jenner shared a video of a diamond ring Stormi had been gifted for Christmas in 2019.

“Stormi! Can I see?” Kylie can be heard asking Stormi, who held her hang up to show off the two-stone ring.

It's unclear if the ring belongs to Stormi but it certainly seemed to fit perfectly.

6. Stormi has a rare vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

Photo: Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Several years after Takashi Murakami‘s iconic multi-color printed handbags were retired by Louis Vuitton, the bag ended up having a resurgence on social media.

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Stormi hopped right on the trend, thanks to mom Jenner, who posted a picture of her daughter holding the bag while sitting near the pool. The white "Nano Speedy" bag has been marked on various sites for over $1-$2k at re-sell value.

7. Toy Lamborghini, $389.

Photo: Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Despite Stormi being years away from getting an actual driver's license, that didn't stop Jenner from buying her a toy Lamborghini for Stormi to ride around in.

The toy costs $389, and even came with a custom Louis Vuitton multi-color print.

8. Stormi Webster reportedly has a shoe collection worth $20,000.

Photo: Instagram | Kylie Jenner

When it comes to shoes, Jenner definitely likes to have various options and designs, which is the same for Stormi.

According to Elle, it was reported that Stormi's shoe options, which include pieces from Gucci, Nike, and Louis Vuitton, are all worth $20,000.

While this was calculated in 2018, we can only imagine how much the price has gone up since then.

9. Stormi's epic 1st Birthday Party cost over $100,000.

Photo: Instagram | Kylie Jenner

For the last few years of Stormi's birthday, Jenner and Scott have thrown the toddler her own version of Scott's Astroworld, called Stormiworld.

According to Republic World, Jenner reportedly spends $100,000 on the extravagant party, which includes fun games, carnival rides and personalized merchandise.

10. Kylie Jenner even gave Stormi a diamond chain.

For Stormi's first birthday, parents Jenner and Scott went all out, buying the toddler a diamond chain.

While there's no official cost for the jewelry piece, according to Harper's Bazaar, the diamond-encrusted necklace was definitely an investment. 

11. Stormi has a collection of Prada Nylon Bags.

While Stormi does own the Prada nylon mini shoulder bag in “periwinkle blue,” Jenner also had to get her the rest of the collection in various colors.

Each bag retails for $725, and was a huge hit during the early 2000s, with Jenner even having a slightly bigger black version that she is often photographed wearing. 

“Had to get her all the baby Prada’s to match mommy,” Jenner wrote, sharing a photo of all of Stormi's Prada bags.

12. Stormi owns a pony worth $200,000

According to Daily Mail, Jenner gifted Stormi a pony named Frozen that was estimated to cost $200,000.

It was reported that Jenner bought Frozen from breeder Stal Wilten and shipped him from the Netherlands to Los Angeles, where he was quarantined for 14 days due to the pandemic.

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