12 Times The Kardashians Were Rude To Fans

There's no excuse for this kind of behavior.

The Kardashian Sisters Instagram

The Kardashian family has been known to clap back at some unruly fans or friends who have backstabbed or the occasional tabloid, but there are times when things go a little too far.

Sometimes, that family you thought had everything going for them and was perfect shows that they too falter under pressure and can be mean to the people that they love the most — the people that got them there to begin with.


Here are 12 times that the Kardashians were rude to their beloved fans.

1. No like-backsies on Kylie Jenner’s page.

Back in the olden days of Instagram, the culture was a little different than the way it is now.

Comments weren’t sorted by who had the most likes or who was verified, but instead, came up chronologically and in order, so you could see all of the randoms typing their comments on posts.

Kylie Jenner, being one of the most famous stars on Instagram, would always have people commenting “lb” on her posts, meaning “like back.”

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This was a way for people to get others to follow them, promising that they would like their posts in exchange for liking their posts, but Jenner was tired of it.


She probably could have just ignored it considering she’s a billionaire now and one would have ever gotten more successful off of her, but sometimes people crack under the pressure.


2. Don’t criticize Kim Kardashian’s parenting.

Celebrities with children suffer the most from their stardom as they have to figure out the things they want to keep private and what they want to show off to the public.

Jenner still hasn’t shown off her newborn son to the world and Kim Kardashian, while now seems to be a lot more open with posting about her children, used to keep them in the dark.

Back in 2013, Kardashian tweeted that she and her ex-husband Kanye West had just taken their daughter swimming for her first time, to which, someone replied “probably cos she actually got to see her parents for a change!”

Kardashian didn’t like that, so she replied back by saying “u sound so ignorant. Bc I don't tweet or instagram my every move w my daughter means I am not …”


Teenager text speech aside, this really struck a nerve with Kardashian, who probably could have just ignored the rumors that she was never with her kids, but parents understand why it felt necessary to defend your family.

3. Kim Kardashian wanted fans to retake their photos.

In 2014, West and Kardashian were in Australia for a Yeezus pop-up shop, which meant that of course, her beloved fans would want to come in and get some selfies with her — if only it were so simple.

According to Daily Mail Australia, fans were told to retake the pictures that they were going to post on Instagram in order to make sure they were appropriate.

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“She said, ‘would you mind if I quickly looked at it, just if it's going on Instagram I want to make sure that nothing is too revealing,’” a 16-year-old fan told them.

It seems odd that Kardashian of all people would care about her clothes being too revealing, but maybe she was being extra paranoid about her image at this point in time.

4. Kendall and Kylie Jenner got called “b-tches”.

In 2014, Kendall and Kylie Jenner did an event at a PacSun in Dallas where they would meet and talk to their fans, but a lot of the fans didn’t take too kindly to the sisters.

According to RadarOnline, one fan tweeted, "I met Kendall and Kylie Jenner today and they are b*tches."


It’s hard to believe that fans would just tweet something like that for absolutely no reason, so something must have happened for them to feel that way.

Maybe they were just having a bad day, or maybe they didn’t want to be there in the first place and were forced to do the event, but either way, they must have done something to upset their fans.

5. Don’t get in Kylie Jenner’s face or you’ll face the consequences.

In 2015, Kylie was walking around in public, being followed by plenty of paparazzi and fans who wanted to talk to her, but one fan got a little bit too close for comfort.

To get her attention, the fan called her “Kendall,” and she responded rudely, by saying “Get the f--k out of my face."


While we know everyone likes to have their personal space, you would think Kylie is used to the paparazzi invading it and wouldn’t snap at a fan, but maybe next time they shouldn’t call her by her sister’s name.

6. Khloe Kardashian was told that she bragged.

In 2016, everyone was upset about what happened to Kim in Paris — well, everyone except for Khloe seemed.

Khloe posted on Instagram, which has since been deleted, showing off a massive ring on one finger, and considering Kim had just gotten robbed for her jewelry, fans thought that it might have been a little insensitive toward her sister.


“Your sister was robbed and you are still posting bling? Have you learned nothing?... I love you but didn't you learn anything from your sisters robbery?? Why flash every jewel you have?” a fan wrote on her post.

She likely wasn’t trying to take any shots at her sister, but fans thought that she was.

7. Stop touching Kylie Jenner.

Another story where fans invade her personal space, but this time she yelled at a few younger fans without the expletives.


In 2016, Kylie was walking into a restaurant in L.A. when some young fans approached her and wanted to take pictures and get her autograph.

Kylie was not having it, and when she had enough she yelled “Don't touch me!”

You would think that she wouldn’t mind taking a couple of photos with her adoring fans, but that clearly wasn’t the case that day.


8. Kylie Jenner disappointed fans at Sugar Factory in Orlando.

In 2016, Kylie was at the opening of Sugar Factory in Orlando which had thousands of fans awaiting her arrival.

While the press release from Sugar Factory had only nice things to say, Star Magazine told an entirely different story.

An insider told the magazine that the then-18-year-old’s appearance was “a huge disappointment” and that she was rude to her fans.

She allegedly showed up an hour late, stayed for five minutes, took a few selfies, and then left.

That’s not how celebrities should treat their doting fans, but this seems to be a pattern for Kylie.

9. Khloe Kardashian was criticized for her workout snaps.

There was a time during the mid-2010s when Khloe was focused on her fitness and getting into shape, often posting her workouts on social media for fans to follow along, but some fans didn’t think the videos were all that good.


She snapped back on Snapchat in 2017, swearing a lot and saying “What bothers me so much about people is that I'm giving you guys my workouts on my snaps for free, so what the f‑‑k?”

“Why the f‑‑k are you still complaining and saying, 'If I had a trainer, if I had a gym.' Well, I don't have a gym,” she continued.

“We're doing everything outside. I'm showing you guys how to do the workouts so you don't need a trainer. I'm using everything that I'm sure you guys have around the house, or improvise! What the f--k!”


Unfortunately, Khloe, people will always have something smart to say so it doesn’t really matter how much you try to clap back.

10. Kim Kardashian allegedly calls her fans “stupid little nobodies”.

Allegedly is the keyword here, because according to Star Magazine in 2012, an insider source told them that Kim had a ton of mean words for her fans.

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“Insider source,” is celebrity journalism lingo for the equivalent of submission on DeuxMoi, meaning that it’s hard to know whether or not it really happened.

"Kris has text and voicemails from Kim," the source told Star Magazine. "Where she calls her audience 'gullible,' 'stupid imbeciles,' 'boring little nobodies' and 'pathetic people with no lives of their own.'"


Seems far too harsh for something so out-of-the-blue for Kris to just have on her phone, but if it’s true, that’s pretty messed up.

11. Khloe Kardashian is #1 in defense in the NBA.

Now, there’s no real excuse for this one, Khloe.

Twitter is a cesspool of meme-lords, trolls, the “unapologetically woke” and wannabe sports commentators.


Those sports fans seemed to get under Khloe’s skin when one person tweeted, as a joke, “Cavs haven’t been playing too well since @khloekardashian. Just saying,” since she has been in a relationship with Tristan Thompson who was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Khloe replied by saying, “They are #1 in their conference but thanks 4 sucking my [expletive] hard enough 2 think I have that much power. Lick on my [expletive] while you’re at it.”

That’s no way to talk to anyone, especially not someone as irrelevant to you as a random person on Twitter.

12. Kim Kardashian gets mad over makeup.

In 2017, Kim was talking about her new makeup kits on Snapchat — showing them off to promote them and hopefully get her fans to buy them.


Fans criticized her for her “swatching” technique, joking about it and claiming that she didn’t know how to do it right when she finally snapped.

“I want you guys to see this pimple here. You’re stressing me the f— out... Okay guys, I get it, I didn’t know how to f—ing swatch powders before at the beginning — I’m learning,” she said.


Learn she did at the cost of offending her adoring fans for their criticisms.

This all goes to show that nobody’s perfect, not even those celebrities whose jobs it is to literally make it seem like they are perfect.


Your favorite celebrities have feelings too, but that doesn’t excuse the way they treat fans in response.

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