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Kylie Jenner Fans Think She Lied About Her Son’s Birth Date After Spotting ‘Clues’ In Ultrasound Video

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner fans are questioning her son's exact birth date after the mom-of-two shared a recent video containing ultrasound footage.

Fans starting to go stir-crazy as they wait for information about Jenner and Travis Scott's second baby — what is his name and what does he look like?

But now another mystery has emerged, when was he really born?

Kylie Jenner fans noticed inconsistent details about her son's birth in her ultrasound video.

After Mother's Day, Jenner shared a video to her Instagram containing footage from her second pregnancy, including a clip of an ultrasound with the caption: “Everyday should be Mother’s Day. thank you God for my two beautiful blessings.”

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But fans noticed some things that weren't quite adding up. A Redditor on the “r/KUWTK” subreddit made a post discussing the problems with the video.

Kylie Jenner's ultrasound did not include her name.

First, the name in the top left corner of the screen reads “Crissy,” which definitely is not the youngest Jenners name, but definitely isn’t the baby’s name as the birthday next to it corresponds to Jenner’s.

Many people thought that, originally, she wanted to keep everything hush-hush about who she was seeing and where she was going to monitor her pregnancy, but then they pointed out that she has shouted out her OB-GYN multiple times in the past.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

“The fake name makes sense,” says one Redditor in reply, “even if she always shouts out the obgyn because this would have been when she hadn’t announced yet, so for the appointment book, she probably doesn’t want anyone on staff who’s not in the room to see her name down.”

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Jenner’s full name is Kylie Kristen Jenner, so she likely grabbed “Crissy” from her middle name in order to provide some sort of anonymity from those who might want to snag a peek at the influencer, but there’s another problem.

Kylie Jenner's ultrasound showed a gestational age that doesn't line up with her son's birthday.

The date of the ultrasound also appears in the video, July, 28th, 2021 and the gestational age documented on the screen reads: 23 weeks and three days.

Gestational age, for clarification, is the age of the fetus measured from the mother's last menstrual cycle, which isn’t a 100% accurate measurement for when the baby was really conceived but means there’s a margin of error for about a month.

With this gestational age, a standard 40-week pregnancy would mean Jenner's baby would have been born in late November or early December and not on February 2nd as Jenner previously announced.

However, shortly after Jenner announced her son's birth, TMZ reported that they had acquired the infant's birth certificate, which clearly lists the birth date as 2/2/2022.

However, that hasn't stopped fans from questioning Jenner's timeline.

Fans think Kylie Jenner may be lying about her son's birth date.

"I never thought that was her son’s real bday, I think he was born earlier and she wanted his bday to be 2/2/22 so she hid him til then," wrote one user.

Others suggested that Jenner may have lied about her son’s birth in order to have more time to shed pounds and show off her post-pregnancy body.

Fans had previously theorized that Jenner secretly gave birth back in December and, in January, believed she was faking her pregnancy.

All of these conspiracies on top of the fact that the public still has not seen or heard anything about this child seem to give the all-clear for people to continue worrying and coming up with theories.

Whatever the reality is, I’m sure Jenner will reveal the truth whenever she’s ready to do it herself.

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