Fans Theorize Why Kylie Jenner Left Her Newborn Son Out Of Mother’s Day Post Dedicated To Stormi

Fans are starting to get concerned.

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and Stormi Webster Instagram / Sky Cinema /

Mother's Day is a hectic day for Kardashian fans who have plenty of content to keep up with from the famous family.

With this year being Kylie Jenner's first Mother's Day as a mom of two, fans might have expected a glimpse at her extremely ellusive second born from either the Kylie Cosmetic founder or her partner Travis Scott.

However, this year, fans seem to think that she left something out of her Mother’s Day post on Instagram — some sort of key component in her family that appeared in February of this year and was the cause of her disappearance from the spotlight.


Fans believe Kylie Jenner ‘snubbed’ her newborn son from her Mother’s Day post about Stormi.

Jenner made two posts for mother’s day, one in the morning and one at night, but neither post included her youngest child, whose name remains unknown ever since she reveal they were backtracking on the name "Wolf Webster."

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The first post was all about Stormi, with the caption “being a young mom just means we met a little early and i get to love you a little longer.”

Instagram / Kylie Jenner


They’re at the beach and Jenner is documenting the moment, recording a video of her 4-year-old daughter watching the waves on the water as the sun sets and another video where she writes her name in the sand sloppily.

It’s a sweet video, but her unnamed son is nowhere to be seen.

The second post shows their actual celebration — a simple, yet very extravagant and expensive, tea party by the pool and surrounded by large vases filled with daisies.

At the table are two chairs — one for Jenner and one for Stormi — but with the hope of a third chair for Scott judging by the cup on the table that says “Daddy” on it right next to the “Mommy” cup.


The caption reads, “the sweetest mother’s day,” but still has no inclusion of the newest addition to the family. So where is he?

Fans are theorizing why Kylie Jenner has not posted about her son.

It seems like the entire Kardashian-Jenner fanbase is split between wanting to know where her son is or wanting to support Jenner in exposing her son to the world whenever she wants.

Jenner expressed that she struggled with her mental health post-partum, and is most likely taking it easy — creeping back into the socialite world.

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I mean, it’s a hard world to fall back into, especially when everyone is watching and criticizing your every move.


A user on the subreddit “r/KUWTK” dedicated an entire post to talking about the confusion that’s arising around her son’s noticeable exclusion from the mother’s day posts.

“She had a public pregnancy this time around, maybe she just needs a minute before she knows there are articles and reposts and think pieces about the baby and his mysterious name,” they wrote. “The kid has only been on earth for 3 months. If she plastered him everywhere people would just say she’s exploiting him so young.”

People commented on both of her mother’s day posts, asking “Where is your other baby? You are his mom too,” or “What about your son."

If she hasn’t posted or said anything about him, she’s unlikely to tell you, a random internet stranger commenting on her Instagram post.


Some speculated a different reason behind the mystery, citing the new “Kardashians” Hulu series that’s airing.

“In my very humble opinion, there’s a 75% chance they’re just waiting to reveal his name and appearance on the Hulu show to generate more viewership,” they wrote.

“There’s a 20% chance that the baby’s name is Astro and they simply don’t want that publicity right now. And there’s a 5% chance it’s something else.”


Whatever the case, they added that it was okay for Jenner to protect her son’s privacy, but that it was also okay for people to show their concern as well.

“It’s the complete opposite of what we’re used to seeing from both Kylie specifically and the family in general for upwards of a decade now,” they said.

It might be true, but maybe this time is just different, or maybe there’s an entirely different reason behind why they haven’t publicized anything about Jenner’s newborn son, but it has only been three months.

Whenever they’re ready, I’m sure they’ll have a plan for bringing the world up to speed on the status of their son — name and all.


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