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3 Tell-Tale Signs Pete Davidson & Emily Ratajkowski's Relationship Is A Publicity Stunt

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Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson's dating life seems to always become a publicity circus whether he wants it to or not—just look at his past relationships with Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian.

But when it comes to Davidson's current dating rumors and alleged relationship with supermodel Emily Ratajkowksi, something isn't quite ringing true for fans.

It certainly isn't the first time Davidson has been accused of dating a big name in Hollywood as a calculated PR stunt, but his link-up with Emrata has fans feeling particularly suspicious.

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Here are some of the reasons fans think Pete Davidson and EmRata's relationship is a publicity stunt:

1. They've been photographed together but never caught off guard. 

Davidson and Ratajkowski are said to be "getting more serious," but the only evidence seems to be rumors—and they're never spotted at each other's homes.

People spoke to unnamed sources supposedly close to Davidson, the 29-year-old "Saturday Night Live" alum and 31-year-old supermodel are "getting a little more serious."

The pair are said to be bonding over mutual interests and "similar vibes"—and of course, Davidson's sense of humor doesn't hurt. 

But fans have noticed the two only seem to ever be seen out at restaurants and high-profile social events, but rarely at one another's homes—other than one early meet-up outside her apartment that many fans felt was staged.

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Gossip reporters DeuxMoi have pointed out the lack of "sleepovers" between the pair, at least as far as paparazzi photos and footage reveal.

The frequency with which the two are photographed at restaurants but then seen flying solo at nightclubs and parties later in the night also has aroused suspicion.

As one fan on Reddit put it, the whole thing seems "painfully pr."

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2. They're both recently single after high-profile breakups.

Davidson and Emrata are both freshly out of complicated, high-profile relationships, and fans think they're dating to get away from the negative press.

It's been a chaotic year when it comes to relationships for both stars.

Ratajkowski just finalized her messy divorce in September from film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, with whom she shares 21-month-old son Sylvester Apollo.

The split is said to have been unexpected and dramatic after Emrata discovered Bear-McClard was cheating on her.

And Davidson? Well, we probably don't need to remind you that he split from Kim Kardashian in August after a nine-month relationship plagued by drama related to her divorce from rapper Kanye West.

The gossip mill doesn't seem ready to Davidson and Kardashian go—despite speculation Kardashian has also begun dating someone new—and fans think this might be part of Davidson's motive for his relationship with Emrata.

As one put it, "I think the Pete/Emrata PR stunt was just Pete’s way of getting away from the whole Pete/Kim rekindling rumors imo."

Ratajkowski has also been a source of high-profile dating rumors.

She was previously linked to Brad Pitt just after her divorce, and fans think the Davidson relationship is to "get away from that weird Brad Pitt story."

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3. Davidson and Ratajkowski have both subtly indicated the relationship might not be as serious as people think.

Ultimately, nobody knows what's really going on with Pete and Emrata's relationship but Pete and Emrata.

But fans have noticed certain of their actions that don't exactly add up to getting hot and heavy.

Davidson was recently spotted out at a New York Rangers hockey game with a woman on his arm that wasn't Ratajkowski—his "Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" costar Chase Sui Wonders.

Meanwhile, Ratajkowski was spotted with another man she has previously been linked to, DJ Orazio Rispo. 

And a fan pointed out Ratajkowski "said on her podcast that she was single the same week" she and Davidson were spotted holding hands at a New York Knicks basketball game—an outing that had fueled speculation about their romance.

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Practically every woman in Hollywood seems to have had a crush on Davidson at some point, from Kardashian and Grande to Kaia Gerber, Phoebe Dynevor, Kate Beckinsale.

And EmRata's is one of the most in-demand supermodels out there—just check her Instagram profile—so it seems unlikely these two will escape the rumor mill any time soon.

So if their relationship is just an elaborate PR stunt, who can blame them? Might as well milk it for all it's worth.

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