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Emily Ratajkowski Describes Disrespectful Encounter With A 'Famous Man' & Fans Think It's Kanye West

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Emily Ratajkowski, Kanye West

Emily Ratajkowski might have written about Kanye West in her 2021 memoir.

The speculation comes after excerpts from Ratajkowski's book, 'My Body,' released in October 2021, were posted on Reddit, where fans attempted to dissect the parts of the memoir where the model might have written about West.

In her memoir, Ratajkowski allegedly describes an encounter she had with West.

In the chapter titled 'Men Like You,' in Ratajkowski's book, the model writes about a conversation she had with her manager, in which he tells her that "people like Kanye West and Adam Levine" wanted her to model for their campaigns.

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She noted that the conversation happened before she had been hired to star in Robin Thicke's 2013 music video 'Blurred Lines.'

Ratajkowski then describes meeting "a famous man" that flew her "from Los Angeles to London on the promise of a job opportunity," before elaborating on her experience with him.

"The conversation was awkward in the backseat of his car while his friend or assistant sat in the passenger seat," the excerpt read.

She continued, "The man opened his laptop and lazily pressed the keyboard . . . When I glanced back, I saw that he had turned the laptop to face me. On the screen, two men and two women were having sex."

"The man pointed to one of the bodies. 'That one's me.' He grinned, his eyes on the screen."

Ratajkowski then described how the unnamed man had then started to play a video she had done for Treats! magazine.

"'I mean, damn,' he said, gesturing to my naked body in motion. 'I can't stop watching you.' How odd, I thought. I'm right here in front of you," she wrote.

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In the last excerpt posted, Ratajkowski included a message sent by the unnamed man, writing, "After I made an excuse to avoid him in Los Angeles, he wrote me: 'I really wanted to Muse you and I haven't had a Muse in years [shaking my head].'"

West has been known to refer to women that he's been romantically involved with in the past as his "muse," including both Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox.

Reddit users were convinced that the unnamed man Ratajkowski wrote about was Kanye West.

According to Page Six, in October 2022, West was revealed to have done a similar move of showing adult content during a meeting with Adidas executives.

During the meeting, the 'Flashing Lights' rapper held his phone in front of the businessmen while a video played.

After a moment of the video playing, one of the men asked, “Is this a porn movie?” to which West replied, “Yeah.”

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West was also accused of playing unsolicited adult content during a date with 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kenya Moore.

During an appearance on 'The Wendy Williams Show' in December 2020, Moore described her disastrous date with West.

"Somehow, we ended up going to his house and there was, like, some very explicit things on TV,” Moore said while smiling awkwardly.

“I was lost, he left me alone, I was just there for like five minutes, wandering around his house. When I followed the noises, he was watching something on TV that he probably shouldn’t have been. So, that was my exit!”

“As much as I love him, it was just the craziest thing.”

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