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Source Clarifies Whether Brad Pitt Is Dating Emily Ratajkowski After Witnesses Spot Them Having Dinner Together

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Emily Ratajkowski, Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski have sparked romance rumors after a source claims the two stars were spotted out together.

In August, Pitt, 58, and Ratajkowski, 31, were reportedly spotted having lunch together in Paris by an eyewitness. The speculation only heightened after the two were allegedly then spotted holding hands in New York City.

However, a source is telling fans not to get ahead of themselves as the romance has not taken off just yet.

Are Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski dating?

“Brad is not dating anybody. They [Pitt and Ratajkowski] have been seen a couple times together," a source told Page Six.

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The source adds that the "Bullet Train" actor has been dating multiple recently but tells fans to "stay tuned" as a relationship with Ratajkowski is not off the table.

Brad Pit and EmRata were seen on a date in Paris in August.

According to a blind submission posted by celebrity gossip site Deux Moi, Pitt had recently been seen at dinner with Ratajkowski.

The source claimed: "Rumor has it that Brad Pitt has a new lady in his life. [Well] I happened to hook up with a very hot sous chef from a very fancy Parisian restaurant recently and he told me that Brad recently dined in a private room with the model whose divorce keeps making headlines. He said they were there for hours."

While the submission didn't explicitly name Ratajkowski, the model has been in the headlines recently following her impending divorce from her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. 

Later, on Deux Moi's Instagram story, a user asked about any updates regarding their rumored romance, with the account responding: "Guys, I really think Brad Pitt and Emrata are dating” before sharing a picture of the two holding hands at Pearl Oyster Bar in New York City.

Despite the speculation, neither Ratajkowski nor Pitt have publicly addressed the rumors that the two are dating, though the news of the rumored romance comes after the 'Gone Girl' actress seemingly confirmed that she was getting a divorce.

Ratajkowski, who had been married to movie producer Sebastian Bear-McClard since 2018, had first sparked rumors that she was no longer with McClard after being spotted without her wedding ring in public. 

It wasn't long before a source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple, who share son Sylvester Apollo, were getting a divorce, while another source told Page Six that the couple was breaking up because McClard was a "serial cheater."

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Ratajkowski seemingly confirmed the news after eagle-eyed fans noticed that the model had liked a series of tweets discussing her marriage.

From her Twitter likes, Ratajkowski had liked several comments suggesting that she is "celebrating" her separation, and even liked another tweet that called McClard a "little b-tch."

Meanwhile, Pitt has been making headlines recently after sealed FBI records came to light revealing shocking details about what happened during the September 2016 plane ride that eventually led to his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

Per the FBI report, Jolie told investigators there was "tension" between her and Pitt that day, and that his behavior made her feel "like a hostage" on the plane.

At one point, she said it appeared "like he was going to attack" one of their kids for calling him a "prick" during a dispute, and Jolie admitted to wrapping her arms around Pitt's neck in a chokehold-style.

A source recently told US Weekly that despite the drama between the two exes, including their winery dispute, Pitt still wants Jolie to be "happy."

“He’s not rooting against her, not personally, not professionally, not romantically,” the source said. “If she’s happy, he’s happy. Brad loved Angelina and he still cares about her.”

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