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Woman Wonders If She Was Wrong For Kicking Mother-In-Law With Cancer Out Of Her House

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One woman is wondering if she is in the wrong for wanting her mother-in-law with cancer to move out.

After being mistreated by her mother-in-law the woman kicked her out and separated from her husband.

She then turned to a Reddit thread "r/AmItheA-–hole" where she explained her side of the story and asked for the internet's opinion.

Redditors could either rate her with "You're the A--hole" (YTA), or "Not the A--hole" (NTA).

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Her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago.

Her husband’s mother came to live with them to receive cancer treatment as the couple's house was closer to the hospital, but the two did not get along.

"Pam [mother-in-law] is a difficult person to deal with, very critical and stubborn, but my husband controlled the situation."



The woman said it worked out for about six months until her husband got a job out of state, about a four-hour flight away from the home.

The husband would work two weeks there and two weeks home.

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The woman felt overwhelmed taking care of her sickly mother-in-law who treated her badly. 

The woman was responsible for her house financially 100%. 

The mother-in-law never contributed to bills even though she received a large pension. 

When the woman would complain about the mother-in-law not helping with the bills and mistreating her, the husband would take his mother's side and tell his wife to be patient.

"But even garbage was better treated than me," the woman claimed. "I don't know how I held on, but a part of me didn't give up because she didn't have anyone else to take care of her."

The woman continued, "But it really wore me down emotionally and physically. Having to tolerate and care for someone who is ungrateful and disrespectful."

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The woman received news that her mother-in-law was completely cancer free.

The woman had reached her limit when the mother-in-law said she was thinking about renting out her house in a different state and staying with the couple full-time.

"I burst out (crying) saying I couldn't take it anymore and she had to move out of my house as soon as possible," the woman said. 

Her husband yelled at her stating that she couldn't make this decision on her own and that the woman was making her mother-in-law uncomfortable.

The woman told her husband "I pay all the house bills myself, I took care of her without saying anything and I don't want that anymore."

She went on, "So yes, it's my decision in the house that I pay and I don't want to have such an exhausting presence anymore."

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The mother-in-law went to stay at a hotel while family members are calling the woman a monster.

The woman said she is fine with her husband becoming an ex, as long as she does not have to live with her mother-in-law any longer.

“My heart says I'm right, but I wish I had an outside perspective” the woman turned to the Reddit thread for advice.

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Reddit declares that the woman is NTA for her decision.

One commenter wrote, "It's very f---ing convenient that he scooted right off at the peak of her worst spirits and health so you could be both physically and financially responsible for his ailing mother."

The user continued, "Every last one of his people and him are a–holes. You are NTA. You are worth more than this. You shouldn't spend a second more wasting energy on these people. They all know who she is and what she's like, that is why no family member, including her son, wanted to care for her."

"Would be better off if the husband does become an ex. He clearly did not care if she was drowning while taking care of HIS mother and leaving her to be responsible for the household on her own at the same time," another stated. 

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A few hours after her initial post, the woman returned with an update.

Her official ex-husband called and told the woman off saying he disrespected his opinion and he can no longer trust her. 

The husband told the woman he will return but not to sort out their relationship, but rather figure out how to go their separate ways. 

The woman said, "I even considered trying couples therapy, but when he brought up the possibility of divorce, my heart was flooded with relief, and honestly?"

“I love him, but as many of you have said, someone who loves stands by his wife when she is mistreated. So... I think we'll really walk separately."

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