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Man Asks If He Is Wrong To Cut Off Brother Who Took His Son To Get A Nose Job Behind His Back

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Man with teen son

A man is asking for advice from Reddit after learning that his brother secretly gave his son a graduation present that went against his wishes. 

Heading to the subreddit "r/AmITheA--hole" (AITA) in order to get a stranger's opinion, he presented his situation and told his story.

After some deliberation from the community, they give him with a rating, consisting of YTA "you're the a--hole, NTA "not the a--hole," or ESH "everyone sucks here." 

After learning he helped pay for his son to get a nose job, the man banned his brother from family events. 

The man begins by saying his son, who is 18, has always had an issue with his nose and has wanted a nose job for several years. 

"Okay, it's slightly hooked, but it's not ugly or causing problems," he said of his son's appearance.

The teen had asked for money to get a rhinoplasty, but both parents said no and the father seems rather stubborn about this matter.

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But, it seems the son found another way to get what he wants — by asking his uncle to whom he is very close.

In the Reddit post, the man explains that his brother offered to get his son the "best graduation present ever."

Unaware of what his brother meant, the man simply expected a gift card or a regular gift for his son.

Instead, he offered to pay for the teen's nose job.

For a week, his son lied about his whereabouts while he was recovering from the procedure.

He told his father he was staying with his mother while telling his mom he was with his dad. Then he told both parents he was at a friend's place when, in reality, he was recovering at his uncle's house.

When the man saw his son, he said, "he looked like he'd been slugged in the face. I thought he was joking when he said he got his nose job." 

Furious, the man confronted his brother, who said he did nothing wrong and just did what he and his mother couldn't do.

He paid for it and told the parents to accept it because their son is not a child anymore.

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"It's as if I don't recognize my son. My son says he's 'happy' with it, but it's not even close to being healed," the man said in his post.

After learning about this, the man banned his brother from his home because he felt betrayed.

In an update, the man said, "It does not matter if it's my son's nose or not. He's my son and not my brother's son. He had ZERO business doing what he did without asking me for permission to gift him something that will literally change his face."

Users have decided to give the original poster YTA.

Surprisingly few Reddit users sided with the father, calling him selfish and stubborn.

Although the son is still living under their roof, he is legally an adult now — the father no longer has a say in his son's decision-making. 

He didn't like his nose and deciding to get a rhinoplasty was his choice, so if he's happy about it when it's fully healed, that's all that should matter.

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