Bride Reveals Bridesmaid Dropped Out Of Wedding To Plan Her Own Ceremony For The Same Week

The bridesmaid's reasons don't add up.

Cree Robinson TikTok

While a wedding day is supposed to be the happiest moment of any bride's life, this bride-to-be was left feeling devastated after one of her bridesmaids dropped out for a peculiar reason.

In the since-deleted TikTok video, which has been shared on other platforms, a woman revealed that her bridesmaid decided to exit her role in the wedding because she wanted to focus on her own wedding.

The bride shared a video detailing the reason why her bridesmaid had dropped out of the wedding.

The bride-to-be, Cree Robinson, was left flabbergasted after receiving a text from one of her bridesmaids who decided to plan her wedding the same week as Robinson's.


"So what would you do if one of your bridesmaids planned her wedding the same week as yours?" Robinson asked viewers.

She explained that she was "kind of in shock" after getting a "group text from one of my bridesmaids, who very recently got engaged" and is "likely dropping out of my wedding because she's having her wedding the same week as mine."


Robinson continued, reiterating that she was "very upset" but wanted to know how other people would've reacted if they were in her shoes.

"Does it make sense for me to feel how I feel? Let me know," she concluded.

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The video garnered a lot of mixed responses on Twitter, where Robinson's original TikTok had gone viral.

"The big deal about weddings have to be studied," one Twitter user wrote. "Why is everyone in the comments throwing a tantrum about 1 person having her wedding same week as you? It’s really giving nonsense."

A second user echoed that same sentiment, writing, "Don’t take things so personally. This woman may need that day for a reason that has nothing to do with you."


However, a third user voiced their support for Robinson feeling hurt.

"She has every right to feel hurt," they wrote." That's disrespectful. She needs to cut all ties and keep it pushing."

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In the second part of the story, Robinson elaborated on details regarding the reasoning behind her bridesmaid's decision.

Robinson started her video by acknowledging the comments bashing her bridesmaid and friend, defending the woman by saying that she wasn't a malicious person at heart.

"She's just not that kind of person," Robinson said, adding that the reasoning her bridesmaid gave her "doesn't add up all the way" but ultimately said that it "doesn't have to" and "it is what it is."


Robinson explained that she and her bridesmaid's weddings are supposed to happen during summer 2023, and her bridesmaid had gotten engaged "a little over two weeks ago."

Robinson said her wedding was initially supposed to happen in July 2022, but after her dad passed away in January 2022, she decided to push the ceremony back due to her grief.

"My bridesmaids all know what this wedding represents without my dad being there, so this is why the way this was handled has been so hurtful to me," she explained.

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Robinson continued, listing the reasons her bridesmaid gave her as to why she decided to have her wedding during the same week.

"First reason is that her parents want her to have a wedding in her hometown within a year from now," Robinson said. "Second reason is that two of her fiancé's siblings are on a school schedule."

The third, and last reason, the bridesmaid gave Robinson was that "her fiancé's friends" preferred date fell in the same week as Robinson's wedding. 

Robinson concluded her video by agreeing that out of all the dates in the year, her friend could've found one that didn't interfere with her wedding, but promised people that her friend wasn't a "bad person."

"She has been a good friend to me and sometimes people just f-k up, or their priorities change."


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