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Video Shows Daughter's Reaction To Learning Mom Was Adopted Because Her Own Mother 'Didn't Want Her'

Photo: @emilyfauver / TikTok / emily.fauver / Instagram
Emily Fauver, TikTok

A mother on TikTok posted a heartwarming video of her toddler reacting to the news that her mother was adopted

In a video that has garnered over 7 million views, 3-year-old Ella’s words to her mother Emily Fauver upon learning that she was adopted will surely bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

The mother explains to her 3-year-old in a now-viral TikTok video why she was adopted

The footage was captured by a home security camera and later uploaded to TikTok by Fauver.

In the video, Fauver stands over her three-year-old daughter, Ella, in the kitchen while eating breakfast. 



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Ella is heard happily chatting with her mother, and asking her questions about her family.

“Whose your mom?” she asks Fauver.

“Whose my mom? Mimi,” Fauver tells Ella, referring to her mother.

“Why is Mimi your mom?” the curious toddler asks.

That’s when Fauver reveals to her daughter that she was adopted. 

There is a pause as Ella processes her mother’s response.

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“Why?” she presses on, trying to figure out her family's roots.

“Because my mommy didn’t want me,” Fauver says.

Ella appears to feel heartbroken for her mother, saying “Aww.” 

“I know. My mommy didn’t want me so a new mommy came and got me,” Fauver explains to Ella. 

“I want you,” she tells her mother. 

Overwhelmed with emotions by her daughter’s response, Fauver becomes weepy and kneels to embrace her. 

“That was so sweet,” she says.

“I really want you,” Ella assures her.

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“I’ll be your mommy,” she kindly offers. “I’m your mommy now.” 

“My heart will never be the same. She’s healed so much of my inner child for me,” Fauver captioned the video. 

TikTok users were moved by the toddler’s words. 

“This is crushing my heart. So adorable and wholesome,” one user commented. 

“She just imagined child you experiencing life through her eyes and you being everything you ever needed now; grown into a great woman,” another user pointed out. 

Other parents also shared their stories of their children saying the most heartwarming proclamations when they needed to hear them.

“My daughter did the same when I told her about my estrangement from my mom. Ooo does it tear at your heart,” one user commented.

“Kids are so sweet. when my mom passed my nephew told me "it's ok, we share my mom" another user wrote.

The video is sure to be a precious keepsake for both mother and daughter for the rest of their lives.

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