A Lightworker Explains The Spiritual Reason It's Now 'Intolerable' To Be Around Fake People & Have 'Small Talk' Conversations That Don't Matter

There may be a reason why you find small talk insufferable.

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In today’s society, staying engaged in lengthy conversations takes a special amount of patience, and we still find ourselves hesitant to have small talk conversations with no meaningful value. But a lightworker brought up an interesting conversation and perspective on how we see day to day discussions.

Lightworkers are dedicated to making positive change and helping others achieve a higher level of consciousness within their minds and bodies. 


A lightworker explained her theory about why people are finding it 'intolerable' to be around certain people or have conversations.

​Niki Tune (@tunedinniki) on TikTok explained this feeling in the context of conversations and jobs. In her video, she stated, “It’s almost painful being in this situation because it goes against every cell in my body,” when describing these types of conversations.

Niki discussed the term "alignment," meaning that when we feel this way, we are becoming more in tune with our physical environment and are actively choosing what feels better for us. For example, quitting a job despite amazing pay, and pushing yourself away from a boring conversation with a great friend. 




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Niki also discussed how the spiritual community refers to this feeling as a "split." It's "a split from 3D to 5D," she said, where 3D is about separation and individuality, and 5D relates to oneness, truth and integrity.

"I believe this is what it feels like. I can no longer tolerate being in this space with you. I will not reach out to you. I will not seek your company anymore. I just cannot tolerate it," Niki explained.


According to Niki, we are 'elevating our frequencies and vibrations' when experiencing these thoughts or emotions.

What Niki is describing is the Law of Attraction. And she explained the theory, saying that we’re getting more in tune with what we want, and have learned to understand our individual wants and needs. Therefore, everything around us has began to change.

The Law of Attraction and manifestation help us better understand spiritual alignment and vibrations. Feeling and experiencing sudden changes in our environment can be a positive thing, despite odd and maybe uncomfortable thoughts. 

When you're moving to a higher vibration, it likely means that you are becoming more in touch with the universe and are shifting between higher levels of consciousness. And having positive vibrations will most likely lead to positive energy and attraction to things that bring similar energy levels.

According to the Law of Attraction, when we want something, we have to elevate our vibrations and energies to receive it back. Manifesting, praying, and staying in touch with your mind and body are all ways to increase your frequency.


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But this spirituality shift may not be the only cause of a sudden disinterest in activity or conversation.

Anyone who has taken courses in social work, psychology, and sociology may tell you that it’s likely depression and growing older play a significant role in this sudden shift.

One of the major and most common symptoms of depression is a lack of interest in activities that were once pleasurable and, if not pleasurable, tolerable. Going to work everyday may not be enjoyable, but it becomes tolerable for most, so when you begin to experience a sudden hatred and regret towards work, it may be a sign of depression.

Growing older also leads to many forms of change that some people don't handle as well as they could. For example, when you become older and have experienced more of life, you begin to realize that some things are just not worth the precious time you have left. Life is short, after all, and adults understand this more than teenagers or children.


Not wanting to talk about the weather and wasting time making “useless” conversation may simply be something that is not of interest anymore once you begin to realize how precious time is.

There's something to be said about most people not wanting to dedicate all of their time and energy to things that do not have much benefit.

Working a full-time job that pays well is clearly advantageous, but if you are miserable getting out of bed every morning and wish you were spending time elsewhere, the money won't feel good enough to stick around at this particular place of employment.

Overall, whether it’s a spiritual change that has affected our vibration and how we perceive the universe, or if time is just catching up with us and we’re not as happy as we used to be, there's no doubt that everyone should spend time on what is most important to them. And if that does not include a "boring" conversation about the weather, so be it.


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