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Hi! My name is Cortney and I'm a college student studying Social Work. I plan on becomming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and am racking up experience in the field. I have been writing since I was about 7 years old, writing about oranges and kites as my first poems. When I was 15 years old, I published a romance novel. However, as of now it's taken down and removed from the internet, but I still have the copies saved to my computer :).  I love to help others and provide personal and relative insight on the topics that matter most such as social justice, news, relationships, etc. I love to write about all areas relative to mental health, as I have been studying Psychology and Social Work for a few years now. I've taken higher level psychology classes, english classes, etc. I took IB Psychology in Highschool and would love to incorporate both what I had learned, and experienced into my writing. I have first hand experience with psychological studies and can conduct sound research on various topics to provide up to date, relevant, useful information on topics that are important. I am also in the works of doing clinical research with my school and would love to share what I learned into my writing. I also love to talk about and provide content and conversations about relationships. I've been with my significant other for almost 4 years, and we've been through many issues that have helped us develop to where we are today: Healthy and Happy. Helping others form healthy habits is one of my favorite topics and I am excited to provide my own insights throughout my writing. I've struggled with mental illness and communication issues throughout my life, therefore, forming healthy habits is a very sincere and meaningful topic to me. Every topic that I write about will have personal connections, insights, and a sense of connection as I will insert myself into my writing and make all opinions feel heard and valued, even with different opinions. My goals are to create a welcoming space within my articles, allowing others to open their minds and hearts to the subject matter. Every topic I write about will be researched, up-to date and filled with information that can be used for many areas in life. I have been developing my own Pinerest account catered to mental health, relationships, self-care, etc and will be provided tools and resources to help others in areas of life. It's in development and I will be adding many layers of topics that will be helpful to everyone of any age-group, sex, gender, etc. I am excited to share my thoughts as well as humanize daily news topics. Thank you for taking the time to read! 

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