Inside The Kardashians 'Demeaning' Selection Process When Hiring Nannies

Image is everything in the Kardashian family.

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Working as a nanny for the Kardashian family is no easy job.

Between Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Rob Kardashian, as well as Kylie Jenner, there are 12 children who need to be cared for by nannies while their parents manage their hectic careers.

Kim is known for having a team of nannies on call 24/7, who each make a salary of around $100,000 a year.


But the cost of caring for the Kardashian kids comes as part of an intense selection process when being hired.

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Here’s an inside look at the ‘demeaning’ process of becoming a Kardashian nanny.

Per a report from Radar Online, via Marca, which should be taken with a pinch of salt, the Kardashians have a rigorous process when it comes to hiring carers for their kids.

Those who have gone through the process have allegedly called it "demeaning" and "dehumanizing."

The Kardashians allegedly prefer nannies to buy from their brands.

Radar Online claims that Kim favors nannies who are customers of her clothing brand SKIMS. 


Kylie may not require her kids' nannies to be using Kylie Cosmetics makeup but she too has a strict vetting process, according to several sources.

After initially planning to raise her first daughter, Stormi, without help, Kylie allegedly caved and hired help before her daughter turned 1.

“Kylie has a team of four nannies now,” an insider told Life & Style in 2018.

“They’ve all been thoroughly vetted, and she keeps them on rotation.”

According to a VIX video, the "vetting" process involves having "their backgrounds checked and good references" as well as passing "auditions."

“They need to be elegant, intelligent and have a ‘pleasant personality,'" they alleged.


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Nannies aren’t allowed to be physically attractive.

According to a 2018 report by Radar Online, Kim bans any nanny she deems as too attractive from working in her household. 

“The people Kim has hired to look after the baby are pretty homely, and that’s a deliberate move on Kim’s part," said a source to Radar Online


In an effort to protect her now-defunct marriage to Kanye West, Kim believed that having a hot nanny would tempt Kanye to stray. This belief highlights how women are blamed more so than men in cases of infidelity. 

As the source continued, Kim was “pretty paranoid and [thought] that even the strongest of relationships can end in disaster when you throw a hot nanny in the mix.”

This rule means that future caregivers are judged on their physical features, and not on how well they can take care of children. 


It’s not surprising that someone as image-obsessed as Kim Kardashian abides by a rule that takes beauty and not child-rearing skills into account as highly important when hiring nannies.

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