Kim Kardashian's Alleged Facelift Scar Visible In Recent Video After She Denied Getting Cosmetic Enhancements

Now this is suspicious...

Kim Kardashian, alleged facelift scar Instagram/DFree/Shutterstock

Kim Kardashian’s recent promotional video for her new skincare brand, SKKN, is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. 

Since early in her career, Kardashian has been weaving her way through constant rumors and speculation about plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements but fans think they’ve found proof that is more substantial than before and after photos.

Fans think Kim Kardashian has facelift scars after seeing a recent video.

In the video, a bare-faced Kardashian is seen demonstrating how to use an exfoliator from her SKKN By Kim collection.


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As Kardashian turns her face to apply the product to her cheeks and jaw, fans were quick to detect a possible scar situated where her jaw meets her ear.


The video was also picked up by Dana Omari, better known as @igfamousbydana on Instagram.

Omari is a pop culture analyst who frequently sheds light on the cosmetic procedures celebrities get — particularly those that people are less honest about.

“Kim Kardashian's rhinoplasty scar (nose job scar) and face lift scars are visible in her latest skincare reel,” Omari writes in her Instagram caption.

In the slideshow, she zooms closer to Kardashian’s jaw to show what appears to be folded skin, which may indicate a facelift.


“The nose one is a bit hard to see except that you can see a cleft where the scar starts on our left side of her septum,” she adds.

Fans think they know exactly when Kardashian’s facelift happened.

After Omari’s post was shared in a Reddit forum dedicated to analyzing the Kardashians, fans theorized when the SKIMS founder may have gotten the procedure.

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“I’ve been saying for months on here that she definitely had one between the end of KUWTK and the start of The Kardashians,” claimed one user.

For context, here are two clips — one from the final season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and one from the family’s new Hulu show “The Kardashians” — which the fan suggests show the reality star before and after surgery.




This video is before Kardashian’s alleged facelift while the following video is afterward — you can judge whether there’s a difference for yourself.



Fans have also speculated that Kardashian used her recent switch blonde hair as a "distraction" to disguise her surgery.


Kim Kardashian famously denied having filler this year.

When asked by Allure what the star has “in your face right now,” Kardashian replied, “​​A little bit of Botox.”

She then claimed she didn’t have any filler in her face and when asked directly about getting filler in her cheeks and lips, she responded, “No filler. Never filled either one, ever.”

This response inevitably caused outrage from fans who have frequently expressed disappointment in Kardashian’s lack of transparency about her image.


It is common knowledge that Kardashian has influenced the beauty standards of an entire generation and doing so without being transparent about her cosmetic enhancements is irresponsible. 

If she has had a facelift, that is her prerogative. But she has expertly avoided transparency around this fact by only answering questions related to filler and other minor procedures that don’t show the scope of what work she has had done.

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