Kim Kardashian's Real Skin Seen In Unedited Photos As She Launches Skincare Line

Celebrities, they're just like us.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

With the launch of Kim Kardashian's new skincare brand SKKN By Kim, the reality star is facing scrutiny over her real skin texture.

The Kardashians are no strangers to criticism over their use of filters and photo-editing on social media so fans are becoming increasingly curious about Kardashian's real skin and what exactly her new products can achieve.

Now, recent paparazzi photos may answer some of those questions.


Kim Kardashian's real skin texture is seen in unedited paparazzi photos.

Stepping out in NYC with her sons, Kardashian went makeup-free as she arrived for a press tour for her new brand.

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The U.S. Sun released photos claiming Kardashian was seen with a pimple on her chin, flaunting her real skin for everyone to see. And she still looks amazing.


The makeup mogul is often accused of setting unrealistic beauty standards so it is refreshing for fans to see her going au natural.

Kim Kardashian has been called out for editing paparazzi photos.

After her appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party, fans noted that the red carpet photos differed from the image Kardashian presents on social media. 

Instead of sporting her usual smooth skin that we see on Instagram, Kardashian was seen with natural lines and bumps that ought to be normalized.

Another image of Kardashian's real skin can be seen in the second image in the slideshow below.


Kim Kardashian has also been transparent about struggling with a skin condition.

She hasn't been all filters and heavy makeup, Kardashian has actually opened up to fans about struggling with psoriasis, a chronic condition that causes dry patches to flare up on your skin.

And, more recently, she revealed her natural skin with a step-by-step video showing her SKKN routine.


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That said, these rare glimpses at Kardashian's natural skin don't entirely undo the damaging standard she and her sisters create with their use of filters so, understandably, some fans still want more transparency from the famous family about what they really look like. 


Nobody will ever have flawless skin — not even the Kardashians — even if filters make us believe we can.

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