Why Fans Think Kim Kardashian Is Using Her Blonde Hair To ‘Distract’ From A Secret Cosmetic Procedure

Her jawline is looking.... different.

Kim Kardashian Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com / Instagram

Ever since the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian has been sporting her iconic blonde hair again — a hair color that many of the Kardashians seem to revert back to from time to time.

The obvious assumption behind the hair color change is that, in order to match the Marilyn Monroe look from the Met Gala, she needed to have blonde hair.

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Kardashian followers and true believers of the lore, however, have a much more interesting theory behind the bleached look that she comes back to every so often.

Fans think that Kim Kardashian bleaches her hair blonde to distract from cosmetic surgeries.

Although Kardashian has never openly admitted to some of the cosmetic surgeries she’s had done, fans often assume and allege that she’s had several.

Most notably, it would appear that she’s had a number of procedures done on her face and has, in the past, bleached her hair seemingly around the same time as her new look.

This caused theorists to conspire that the Kardashians do this as a strategy to distract from the cosmetic surgery done on their faces.


“It’s speculated that they go blonde when they have something done to their face so it distracts people and so [I] think that’s why they look different,” said someone on Reddit. 

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In 2013, it looked like Kardashian had gotten some sort of nose job, maybe a rhinoplasty — something she has vehemently denied getting in the past — and had a new look about her face.

After a rhinoplasty, there’s a phenomenon that causes the upper lip to look a bit longer as the muscles weaken after the operation.


This is temporary but noticeable, and according to the fans, in order to distract from the change, Kardashian dyed her hair.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's recent London sighting has stirred cosmetic surgery rumors again.

Kete Kardavidson made an appearance in the Fulham area of London, England, to have dinner at the famous River Café.

To match his billionaire girlfriend, comedian Pete Davidson sported a platinum blonde look as they walked from a car to the restaurant.

Fans, however, noticed that her jawline looked a little different than normal and wondered if she had recently gotten it touched up.


“The real reason she’s blonde again,” said someone else on Reddit.

Some people believe that it’s a combination of both the insane weight loss that Kardashian went through in order to fit in Monroe’s dress as well as the cosmetic surgery.

“I think [she] did it before the Met Gala because [she] had a very strong jaw at the Met Gala too,” wrote another Redditor.


“But it could also be that she actually did it several months ago but having recently lost a lot of weight is now more noticeable.”

Whatever the case is, some people found the photo to be a little bit unsettling as her jaw looks a little too unnatural.

At the end of the day, Kardashian is allowed to do whatever makes her happy.

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