Khloé Kardashian's Recent Photo Of Daughter True Has Fans Concerned About The Little Girl's Self-Esteem

Did she really photoshop True's nose?

Khloe Kardashian, True Thompson Instagram

With the rise of social media, everyone is filtering their photos in an effort to remove any flaws they may be critiqued on.

Celebrities are under extreme pressure to be pretty and perfect. So, it’s no wonder they filter most of their pictures in their quest for public perfection.

But fans are raising concerns about Khloé Kardashian’s daughter, True, due to a recent picture of her posted by her mother.


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Khloé Kardashian posted a filtered photo of her daughter True.

Yesterday, Kardashian took to Instagram to share of photo of her little girl dressed in a red Owlette costume, hugging a Tigger plushie.

A fan wasted no time sharing the picture with her fellow Kardashian watchers in the subreddit, KUWTK Snark.


The poster captioned the picture, “Khloé filtering true. I wish she would just stop doing this. Destroying her self-esteem so early on.”

The post was in relation to the long-running allegations that Kardashian has been filtering photos of True to make her nose slimmer and her features more Eurocentric.

Readers were quick to agree with the fan, with one stating, “She wants her to look like her cousins so bad. True [is] too cute for her own mom to be doing this consistently”.

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Accusations about Khloé Kardashian editing photos of her daughter are not new.

The famous family has battled constant criticism about their own changing looks and edited photos for years and similar critiques have been leveled against their children.


In a 2016 interview with Chelsea Handler, Khloé sang the praises of Facetune, saying, “Facetune is the best thing to bring to the table."

"It's life-changing," before adding, "It’s the only way to live.”

However, even if fans could get past Kardashian editing photos of herself, they seem to draw the line at photoshopping her daughter.


The first time the influencer was accused of editing True’s pictures was in 2018.

The baby was just a few months old, and Kardashian posted an adorable picture of her child staring directly into the camera.

People were quick to claim that the whites of the baby’s eyes had been brightened and that True’s skin appeared to have been smoothed out.

Just over a month later, Kardashian posted a photo of True napping in her arms. One fan said, "How many filters is that?" while another wrote, "Too much filter, toooooooo much."

The next year, Kardashian was accused of editing her child’s photo again when True’s eyes appeared to have changed color. A fan called the edited picture “terrifying”.


Since then, the instances of Kardashian allegedly altering her daughter's looks have kept on coming.

Fans have claimed that Kardashian has lightened her child's skin and smoothed out any so-called imperfections.


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Fans fear True will develop insecurities due to Kardashian's photo-editing.

In this most recent Halloween photo picture, fans are focused on the perceived changes to the 4-year-old’s nose. They believe it has been slimmed out using a photo editing app.

A commenter pointed out, “She has filtered True's nose. Slimmed it down because it looks like Khloe's original nose.”

Readers were quick to agree with one posting, “Not Khloé over here counting down the days before she can give True a nose job or five and some lipo as an elementary school graduation present.”


Others noticed that she didn’t filter every picture she posted. One user commented, “she didn’t put a filter on the pic she took of Chicago, but she put one on True.”

This prompted concerns from someone else who said, “She’ll definitely resent her when she’s older. Can 100% guarantee that.”

However, these critics are not entirely innocent. This kind of negativity and shaming helped make photo editing a thing.


Kardashian has been criticized for her looks since her family became famous. Her size and features have been picked apart for her entire life.

So, with that kind of history, it is no surprise that she has taken steps she believes will keep her daughter from experiencing the same thing, no matter how ill-informed others think it is.

Being a celebrity is a double-edged sword. The public wants you to be perfect, then punishes you for trying to live up to those expectations.

No one can deny that Kardashian loves her daughter. Whether photo-editing hurts True (or any other kids) in the long run remains to be seen.

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