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Kanye West's Former Bodyguard Reveals Why He Was Fired After A 'Crazy' 15 Days Working For The Rapper

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Kanye West may soon be the focus of an upcoming documentary made by one of his former employees.

The rapper's former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, revealed in February 2022, during an interview with Page Six, that he would be speaking out about the "craziness" he experienced while working for West.

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Kanye West's former bodyguard spent just 15 days working for the rapper.

Stanulis had worked for the New York Police Department when he was injured on the job, eventually becoming a celebrity bodyguard for different stars, including Kanye West.

While speaking to Page Six, Stanulis shared that he'd worked for the controversial rapper for 15 days before being abruptly fired, and that his upcoming documentary will feature the "craziness" from those days.

"It’s based on 15 days with Kanye," he shared. “It’s based on my perspective each day and the craziness. Remember ‘48 Hours’? Or ‘Lethal Weapon’? As much as they always banged heads, they were brought back together.”

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Stanulis worked for West in 2016, during pivotal moments in the rapper's career, including West's appearance at New York Fashion Week, the Met Gala, and his infamous meltdown while performing on "Saturday Night Live."

The former bodyguard also teased that "one of the stories" included in the documentary will be West's rehearsal for Fashion Week.

Most fans will remember West's famously staged Yeezy show at Madison Square Garden in 2016, which also served as a listening party for his album "The Life of Pablo."

“We were about four blocks away, stuck in traffic,” Stanulis recalled.

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The majority of West's security staff were “all retired police officers,” prompting the rapper to express his desire for them to “blow through red lights” to get to the venue so he'd be there on time.

When they refused, “he decided to run out of the car and run to MSG!” Stanulis said. “I was like, ‘I’ll run after him!’ I’m chasing him, running through traffic.”

Stanulis revealed that filming for the documentary would begin in March 2022, and would feature interviews from other bodyguards, including one who worked with West for five minutes.

West and Stanulis were previously embroiled in a feud after the rapper filed a lawsuit against him.

Stanulis was eventually fired by West just minutes before he was supposed to escort West and his then-wife, Kim Kardashian, to the Met Gala.

The "Flashing Lights" rapper reportedly fired his bodyguard after accusing him of trying to flirt with Kardashian, which Stanulis denied.

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When Stanulis then complained about working for West during an interview with a UK publication in 2016, both West and Kardashian allegedly threatened a $30 million lawsuit, arguing he had breached his confidentiality agreement.

The two have continued to argue over the suit for years, with Stanulis claiming he never signed any agreements or contracts.

Stanulis told Page Six that West was only “trying to bully me with this ridiculous lawsuit.”

"People will [now] look at Kanye in a negative light, but people will be entertained. … Everybody knows now the type of person his personality is; I was just the first one who knew back in 2016.”

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