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Kanye West Has Been Trying To Get Canceled For Months & His Adidas Firing Proves Why

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Kanye West Adidas deal

I’m tired of hearing his name, you’re tired of hearing his name, Adidas is tired, Balenciaga, Gap, but some are saying that’s exactly what Kanye West wanted this entire time.

West, the former billionaire who now goes by Ye, has been practically blacklisted by the fashion industry, was temporarily banned from social media, and lost his precious billionaire status over his harmful anti-semitic rants.

Everything is going according to Ye’s plan.

Did Kanye West purposefully try to get dropped by Adidas and Gap?

Ye has long expressed his unhappiness with the way Adidas was handling his ideas, accusing them of stealing his ideas, so he has likely wanted to leave for quite some time.

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In order to get out of his legally binding contracts, Ye had to do something that, on a grand scale, would genuinely harm the company’s brand and reputation enough that working with the rapper would be a risk — and so he chose antisemitism.

Adidas, as a German company with Nazi roots that were done away with after the Second World War, can’t have one of their leading designers spouting antisemitic hate speech.

After assessing the damages and forming a silent coalition, other brands decided to drop Ye from their teams as well, deciding that the risk was greater than the potential to profit.

Now that Ye is out, he can rest on his laurels, backtrack on his statements, and maybe apologize for the things he said — what can’t be erased is the amount of buzz he created.

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It’s undeniable that Ye’s statements, actions, and unapologetic attitude fueled hatred that others have been holding onto for decades and created a dangerous environment for Jewish people.

It’s unforgivable and his statements are, simply put, wrong, but in the cycle of mainstream media and publicity, they’re also unavoidable.

Ye is reaching for an even bigger return to the fashion world.

After everything has been said and done, Ye has been freed from his contracts and can now pursue business deals with other companies that might treat him better.

At the moment, the resale prices of his “Yeezy” brand shoes have gone up as the resale market realizes that there will no longer be any more Adidas “Yeezy” shoes with Ye’s name on them.

The lack of future products means that the ones that currently exist have now become rarities — the last of their kind.

Resellers are banking on the fact that Yeezys are high in demand, and so people will pay for the shoes anyway regardless of Ye’s downfall.

They’re also hoping that the amount of publicity surrounding him, however bad, will actually increase the value of the shoes — the idea that any publicity is good publicity.

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As the value of the shoes hypothetically continues to skyrocket, brands will recognize that there is still profit to be made from working with Ye, and the moment one company decides to forego the risk and sign him into a contract, his product will explode in popularity.

New Ye products have the potential to become equally as popular as these Adidas collectibles, if not more.

It’s the same reason he tried to walk into the Skechers headquarters unannounced looking for someone to work with, and although they escorted him out and made a statement saying they wouldn’t work with him, all it will take is one company to give him a chance.

Ye is looking for another collaborator or maybe he will even go it alone. Either way, he is still avoiding repercussions for his hate speech.

If he doesn’t find one, he may very well start his own company to manufacture and distribute his Yeezy shoes.

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