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Woman Crashes Funeral Of Ex’s Mom To Tell His Wife & Kids She’s Pregnant With His Baby — Asks If She Went Too Far

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Recently, a woman took to the subreddit, AITA (Am-I-The-A-hole) to share a complicated situation with an ex-boyfriend.

First, she gives readers some background, explaining that she was very close with her ex-boyfriend’s mother and knew the woman long before she began dating her son.

She viewed the man’s mother as a surrogate mom and kept close contact with her up until her recent death. The woman explains, "When I found out she had passed, I was devastated.”

Now, she's pregnant with her ex's child — a baby that was conceived while he was on a break from his wife with whom he has now gotten back together.

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She decided to announce her pregnancy at the funeral of her ex's mom.

She wasn't invited to the funeral, which was likely upsetting for her but an understandable choice for the family to make. Since her ex is back with his wife the situation is understandably tense.

She claims her only intention in going to the funeral was to pay her respects to a woman who treated her as her own child. She says, “I even sat at the back so as to avoid attention.”

But according to her, the ex-boyfriend’s wife came over to her and told her that she wasn’t invited and needed to leave. Fortunately, the ex’s older brother intervened and to her surprise, walked her to the front to join the family.

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This placed her directly behind her ex, his wife and their two children so naturally, the tension in the air became thick. During the viewing of the body, the recently reconciled couple’s children came over to hug their dad’s ex-girlfriend.

They noticed the poster’s stomach was big and asked if she was pregnant. Before she could respond, the kids’ mother butted in saying, “Yes darlings, she just can't stop making them.”

The Reddit poster says she bit her tongue but is also quick to clarify that she only has one other child outside of the one she is currently pregnant with. She believes her ex-boyfriend’s wife was trying to label her as "loose."

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The excited children then went on to ask the woman if the baby might have red hair like hers and their mother allegedly muttered something like “God forbid” under her breath.

Obviously offended by the comment, the woman snapped back, “Maybe. But your dad has brown hair so the baby could just look exactly like you guys since the baby would be their younger sister or brother.”

Appalled by the revelation, the mother called her kids over to her. The Reddit poster left immediately after the funeral only to receive an angry call from her ex-boyfriend.

He said she was cruel for telling his kids about the upcoming new addition without talking to him and his wife first. He instructed her to stay away from his family.

The woman wanted to know if she was wrong for what she did but was peppered with questions about her apparent affair with a married man.

One thing she did clear up was that all of the adults knew about the baby beforehand.

She added an edit to the post where she proclaimed, “There was no affair. They separated. We dated. They decided to get back together. We broke up. They both already knew about the pregnancy before the funeral.”

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Still, people understand why she went but aren’t buying her claim that she showed up to the funeral with pure intentions. Many believe she is a bitter baby’s mama and was there to cause trouble.

One commenter posted, “You had every right to go to the funeral, were I you I would have waited until after to visit the grave, but to each their own.”

She continued, “YTA (you are the a—hole) for dumping drama while talking to the kids."

Others responded by expressing that the mother of the children is at fault as well. One response read, “Well, she might have contributed further to it, but ex’s wife really was the one to start the sh-t.”

It’s a messy situation. Any time a man procreates outside of his marriage, there is bound to be a lot of bruised egos and drama involved.

Hopefully, everyone can adopt more mature behavior for the kids.

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