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Pregnant Woman Faces Backlash From Family For Not Wanting Cheating Husband In Delivery Room After Leaving Him

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In a subreddit community called “TrueOffMyChest," one user had posted her grievances surrounding her upcoming pregnancy

She was having a baby with her ex-husband, but she did not want him to be present in the delivery room. 

Many of her family members treated her like “the devil” because of it.

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She didn’t want her ex-husband in the delivery room because he cheated.

In the post, he revealed that they were separated and finalizing their divorce — he had cheated on her “with someone he work[ed] with.”

At the time of the cheating, they had “been trying for a baby for 3 years,” she said.

“And when I told him that I was finally pregnant he broke down and confessed.”

Her ex-husband took his things and moved out to his mother’s house at first. Now, she says, he lives with the woman who he cheated with.

The woman wrote that she was due in December, and she didn’t want him in the delivery room.

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She didn't think it was wrong to assert her right, but she felt guilty.

“I'm not punishing him but he isn't my partner anymore,” she explained. She also expressed issues about him seeing her naked body in such a vulnerable position.

“When we break up with people we don't usually think it's okay to show our bodies to them isn't that right?”

“I just can't have him with me,” she wrote.

After she told the father of her child she didn’t want him there, he was “beside himself with grief.”

Sadly, the family turned on her, and she wondered, “How could I be so wrong about how to feel about my own body?”

One user offered a bit of advice, "Just tell your doctor and nurses who are allowed there, they will take care f the rest. Do not tell him when you go into labor."

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Even though her family didn't support her, many folks in the Reddit community were understanding.

In an edited section of the post, she wrote “Thank you everyone I see that the vast majority here understands me which is a relief.”

The woman expressed that her mother-in-law was the only one in support of her.

She even said that her mother-in-law would be the only person who’d be in the delivery room, if anybody at all.

“The father and the rest of the family can wait in the hospital. I don't mind that.”

The post continued with her writing that she isn’t going back to her ex, even though she might think it is best.

“He broke my trust but also I have someone new in my life and it's getting pretty serious,” she said.

She ended the post by writing that she was planning on moving in with that “someone new” after the baby was born.

"Birth is not a form of entertainment and being a witness is a privilege," said one user.

"While it’s special and amazing, no one will ever be forced to have someone they’re uncomfortable around be there during their most vulnerable moment."

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