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Woman Learns Boyfriend Got Another Woman Pregnant While They Were Going Through IVF

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woman upset with daughter

Finding out that the person you love has betrayed you is one of the most hurtful things on earth. A woman named Juliet shared a series of videos on TikTok detailing her life-changing discovery.

The first video Juliet shared was captioned, “Last night, I found out my whole life has been a lie thanks to TikTok. It’s my 24th birthday.”

The video shows a montage of the woman hugging her daughter, packed belongings around the house and her, clearly distraught, looking into the camera with red, puffy eyes.



Viewers sent love and support with one person saying, “She's a real one for being honest, and mama you are doing amazing with getting rid of him, neither of y’all queens deserve his insecure mess.”

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She found out her boyfriend got another woman pregnant through TikTok.

It all started when a woman commented on one of her TikTok videos and said, “I think we’ve been sharing the same guy. I tried messaging you.”

In another video, Juliet explains that the woman messaged her with proof of the cheating, leaving her with "the worst pain" she has ever experienced.

"She told me that she had been seeing my boyfriend this whole time," Juliet writes over a video of her crying while moving out.

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She says, “I had to get a storage unit and move out asap because I’m not going to tolerate that. I’m not going to have my child around that.”

In a shocking confession, she also tells watchers that she was in the middle of IVF (in vitro fertilization) to have a child with her cheating boyfriend.

She shows a picture of her IVF medication and another prescription she has to help her sleep because she “can’t eat or sleep" and "feels like a robot.”

In a final blow, Juliet share that she found a box filled with women’s socks that didn’t belong to her. This confirmed she had made the right decision and she said she was sick to her stomach.

She ended that video showing the moving truck pulling up to take her belongings claiming, “This is not for attention, this is for healing.”

In a triumphant tone, she professes, “I’m holding myself accountable in a month from now, we’ll be thriving.” The video ends with an image of her little girl sleeping peacefully in their new home.

She explains the entire cheating incident in another video.

Since viewers were still left with many questions, Juliet had even more to say.

Juliet says that after seeing the original TikTok message, she noticed that a woman had been repeatedly calling her via Instagram.



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She finally calls the woman back and is asked if she is with her boyfriend — to which she obviously replies "yes" and explains that she lives with him and shares children with him.

The woman then says, “We’ve been together for the last year and I’m pregnant.”

The woman went on to detail the affair she had with Juliet’s boyfriend. Juliet clarifies that she is not blaming the woman at all.

After talking to the woman, she texted her then-boyfriend telling him to bring her daughter home. He already knew that his cheating had been exposed because the other woman told him.

When he returned home with their child, Juliet told him, “There is nothing you can ever say to me. You need to get your belongings. You need to leave.”

He took his belongings and left without incident. Juliet says she refrained from crying because she wanted to be strong in front of her child.

With the help of an unnamed friend, she found movers and a storage unit and left the residence within 24 hours. Now she and her kids are starting from scratch in Tampa, Florida, a city the family had just relocated to.

In her final words, she tells her fans, “I will not let somebody play with me like that.”

She talks about her harrowing IVF process and exclaims, “That this man laid next to me every night and lied…”

She promises to take viewers along on her journey toward the start of something new.

In the end, Juliet is confident and motivated, determined to look ahead and move on from the toxic relationship she found herself in.

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