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Woman Confronts Friend's Husband After Seeing Him At Hospital With A Pregnant Woman

Photo: TikTok
Chakera Henry

In a viral TikTok video, a woman revealed that she had called her best friend to come to a hospital after she caught her husband there with another woman.

In the one-minute clip, Shakera Henry shared the shocking moment of seeing her friend's husband with another woman who she didn't know.

She caught her friend's husband with a pregnant woman and believes he's having an affair.

"I'm at the hospital, I came to look for somebody at the hospital," Henry explains. "As I enter the hospital, I saw my friend's husband with a lady who is pregnant."

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As she made eye contact with her friend's husband, Henry says that he clearly saw and recognized her, giving her a sort of half-smile and nod in her direction.

"It kind of looked strange, I was kind of watching what was going on, and I realized he was hugging up on the person."

Henry eventually makes her way over to him and asked how his wife, her friend, was doing. However, his response further shocked her.

"He said 'who?'" she continues. "I said 'your wife,' and he looks at me strange and said, 'I'm not married.'"

Henry further explains that she was at her friend and husband's house quite recently after she left church with them earlier in the day.

"He's telling me he's not married right in front of the girl. So that tells me he's the father of that baby," she adds.

After confronting the husband, Henry eventually calls her friend and tells her about the encounter she just had with the woman's husband.

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"[I] call my friend, now," she says, adding that her friend was "on her way" and that she was "gonna come to the hospital to look for the same person."

In a follow-up TikTok video, Henry responded to the backlash she'd gotten for telling her friend that her husband was cheating on her.



"If you're a true and genuine friend and you see your friend's partner with somebody else and cheating, you should tell that person. That's all I'm saying," Henry says.

She explained that viewers who watched her previous TikTok claimed that she should've found a different way to tell her friend that her husband was cheating on her, instead of calling her to the hospital.

"How should I have dealt with it?" she questions. "I didn't see no other way. If I see it again, I will say it, again. I don't want to see my friend hurting, I don't want to see my friend going through pain."

In the comments of her video, Henry attracted hordes of approval and praise, even from model Emily Ratajkowski, who recently divorced her husband after he cheated on her.

Ratajkowski commented with a hand-clapping emoji to show her solidarity with Henry choosing to tell her friend about the woman's husband.

Another user wrote, "As someone who’s been cheated on, please always SPEAK UP. It would have hurt to hear but it’s better. Trust me."

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