Woman Wonders If She’s Wrong For Exposing Sister’s Cheating Boyfriend After She Shamed Her For Getting Pregnant

Her sister started it.

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After her sister slut shamed her publicly, this woman exposed her sister's relationship secrets. However, she may have regretted doing such a thing as she went to Reddit and posted on the AITA(Am I The A-hole?) thread

AITA is a thread where people can get opinions from internet users about their situation or problems. 

The woman starts her post by explaining how her sister has strong beliefs about sex and wants to wait until marriage as she is a virgin.


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As a result, her sister is quite judgemental of her and even more after she found out that the woman became pregnant. Her sister had had a boyfriend since high school and always brags about their relationship.

The woman wrote, “She always boasted to me about how they’re waiting till they’re married and how their relationship is built on trust and actual love and not lust.” 

Recently the woman found out that her sister’s boyfriend had been cheating on her. However, her sister was aware of this and had chosen not to do anything.


The woman exposed her sister’s relationship secrets in front of their family members at her birthday party.

The woman’s sister was having a birthday party at their home with some family members. When the woman brought out her son, all of her cousins were playing with him while her sister decided to slut shame her.

The woman wrote, “My sister goes: ‘Awww he is so cute he looks just like his daddy. Wait, which one of the ten guys IS his daddy?’”.

Her sister and her boyfriend erupted in laughter, however, none of the family members thought it was funny. The woman didn’t stay quiet though as she slyly revealed that her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

She wrote, “I then said ‘His name is “Trevor” and I met him on Tinder. His girlfriend doesn’t care that he sleeps with other girls. I think you know him!’ and smirked at her and her boyfriend.”  


The woman had found out from her co-worker that her sister’s boyfriend had messaged her on Tinder.

A while before her sister’s birthday party, the woman’s old co-worker had reached out to her claiming her sister’s boyfriend had messaged her.

The woman’s co-worker knew her sister, so she knew it was her boyfriend when he messaged her.

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The woman wrote, “She sent me proof of his profile with a fake name with one blurry mirror picture (clearly him).” 

The co-worker had found her sister through the woman’s page and had messaged her as well, however, she blocked her. The woman had chosen not to bring it up but, after her sister slut shamed her, she couldn’t stay quiet.


Her sister kicked everyone out of her birthday party.

After the woman revealed her sister’s secrets, her sister started yelling at her and asked her to leave. 

The woman went back to her room with her son, however, it didn’t end there. Her cousins found the boyfriend’s Tinder profile and showed it to her sister.

That just resulted in her sister doing a lot of yelling and ended with everyone getting kicked out.   

Later, the woman’s parents told the woman that what she did was wrong and couldn’t care less about the joke. 

Internet users claimed that the woman wasn’t wrong and was just defending herself.

“Look, she disrespected you and doesn’t respect your kid. The child does not need to grow up near that,” one user wrote.


“And she can have her own beliefs, but she does not have the right to try and force them on other people and judge them. Distance yourself from her. She’s in denial and lashing out.”

Another user commented, “There's no call to insult your poor son like that, regardless of how the relationship stands between the two of you. Keep in mind that this behavior will likely continue and escalate.”

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