Why Fans Think Kim Kardashian Leaked News About Kanye West & Chaney Jones’ Breakup

Why would Kim Kardashian do that?

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TMZ has been spreading (allegedly fake) news about Kanye West and Chaney Jones’s relationship, stating that the pair had broken up weeks ago after their long trip to Japan.

While this news would be taken at face value by most — shrugging their shoulders and moving on to the next tabloid gossip — fans of the billionaire rapper think something fishy is going on, seemingly fueled by Jones’s own outbursts toward the celebrity news site.


Fans believe that Kim Kardashian leaked the news about Kanye West and Chaney Jones’s breakup.

A fan theory on the subreddit “r/KUWTK” where people share everything Kardashian-related — from memes to theories to updates — announced that West may have told his ex-wife the news on purpose in order to test their trust.

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“Ye (or someone close to Ye)told Kim (or one of [Kim's] inner circle) that he and Chaney broke up to see if Kim and her team could be trusted,” said the Reddit user. 


Chaney Jones has denied that she and Kanye West are broken up.

The model shut down the rumors first by posting on her Instagram story in celebration of West’s birthday with a caption that read “I love you."

Then she went on to blast TMZ's claims on their post.

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“Please stop posting and spreading fake news about my relationship. Have some respect, it’s his birthday,” she commented on their Instagram post claiming that West is now dating Monica Corgan — the OnlyFans model he was spotted with at a "Top Gun: Maverick" showing.


While fans argue about the status of their relationship, other fans are more concerned about the timing of it all, and how the news broke in the first place regardless of its validity.

“They spilled the tea and now Ye knows Kim and team can’t be trusted because they released the break up ‘story’ ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Even tho they ‘broke up weeks ago,” continued the Reddit post.

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Fans have long argued that Kardashian has been purposely doing things to provoke West and raise tensions between the co-parents — more recently by allowing their four kids to spend so much time with “King of Staten Island” and Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson.


Fans also claimed that Kardashian has previously shared her own personal information to test her friends' trustworthiness.

Kim Kardashian allegedly tests her inner circle to catch who is releasing images to the press.

In 2013, it was reported that Kardashian had sent friends fake photos of a newborn shortly after North West was born to catch out who would leak them to the media.

“Kim said she used to do the same thing,” wrote a fan on Reddit. “She shared a different set of North Baby pictures so she could know who was leaking info to the press.”

Of course, not everyone is convinced and points to other claims that the exes aren’t even on speaking terms right now — that they only speak through their lawyers because of all the tension they’ve built up over months.


But as usual, this is all speculation and nothing is certain until West speaks out about it, but if we’re to believe Jones, then the relationship between her and West is still on.

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