How Kanye West Really Feels About Pete Davidson Spending Time With His Kids

Kanye's not happy.

Kanye West, Pete Davidson, and Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kanye West has been laying pretty low recently by staying off social media and avoiding public appearances.

Late last year into early 2022, the rapper and father of four had been incessantly harassing Kim Kardashian for everything under the sunposting North on TikTok, dating Pete Davidson, accusing her of not letting him see the four children they share together, the list goes on.

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Many thought that as Kardashian and Davidson continued to grow closer, West would snap and go back to his usual antics, but he’s been pretty tame about it — until now.

A source revealed how Kanye West feels about Pete Davidson spending time with his kids.

A source close to the billionaire shoe designer has revealed that West is silently raging about how the “King of Staten Island” is now playing “step-dad” to daughter North and son Saint.

“Kanye is unsurprisingly p---ed that Pete is with the kids so much, but he feels powerless as Kim is determined to move on and have him in her life," they exclusively told The Sun.


Back in April, Davidson and 8-year-old North West, West's oldest daughter, were spotted joyriding on a pink, electric MOKE car in the Hidden Hills neighborhood where Kardashian lives.

Many people criticized the SKIMS founder for letting her children meet the former Saturday Night Live comedian too quickly, and some fans were even furious that she would let North sit on Davidson’s lap.

“Don’t you think it’d be weird for North to be sitting on a stranger's lap she just met, without her mother there?” one fan on Reddit asked, but the source also revealed that Davidson had met the kids weeks earlier.


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"She waited until she was really sure about her relationship with Pete before introducing him to the children, and they love being around him," they continued.

Well, it must be true because Davidson was more recently spotted going shopping with Saint without the presence of his mother.

The comic was spotted holding hands with 6-year-old Saint at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles before they stopped by a Walmart in Woodland Hills with Kardashian nowhere to be found.

"Kim trusts Pete and thinks Kanye needs to come to terms with the fact they are both going to move on and the children will be introduced to new partners," the source explained.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still struggling to co-parent amicably.

"He has been keeping a low profile after his public rants for the sake of the children and to be civil but there's still a lot of tension between him and Kim,” the said.

This tension seems to be spilling over into West's personal life as well, sparking rumors and reports online of the rapper’s split with Chaney Jones after their long trip to Japan.

The rapper was completely removed from Jones’s Instagram grid and was even spotted at a showing of "Top Gun: Maverick" with Monica Corgan.

However, it’s unclear how much weight these rumors hold since Jones posted on her Instagram story commemorating West's birthday, April 8th, with the caption “Happy birthday baby I love you”.


Many believe that his erratic behavior off the grid seems to be caused by the muddied waters between him and Kardashian, but until he goes on another one of his Instagram sprees, this is all speculation.

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