Kanye West Spotted On Date With Model He Mentioned In Leaked Song Amid Chaney Jones Breakup Rumors

There's a new love interest in his life.

Monica Corgan, Kanye West, Chaney Jones, Kim Kardashian Instagram / Twitter

While Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson seem to be getting closer and closer every week, the once-loud and proud Kanye West has gone a little under the radar recently.

Ever since he was last spotted with recent beau and Kardashian lookalike, Chaney Jones, in Tokyo on May 5th, there have been very few reports of them being seen in public together.

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However, this past weekend, rumors have started flying after the rapper was photographed at a showing of "Top Gun: Maverick" with a woman that wasn’t Jones.

Who is Monica Corgan? Kanye West's new 'mystery woman.'

Fans quickly identified the woman in the sneakily snapped photo as Monica Corgan, an Instagram famous model who is known for being an ambassador for the swimwear and bikini brand Boutine LA.

Although her current Instagram account only has around 35 thousand followers, Corgan has claimed that the website keeps taking down her accounts and FamousBirthdays.com reported that she had nearly 110 thousand followers at one point.


“She first started sharing her modeling-based content through Instagram in January of 2017,” they reported. “She then became a Boutine LA ambassador in April of 2019.”

The Indiana native has collaborated with Evgeniya Lvovna, who has over 1.2 million followers, and is also known to be friends with singer Omar Apollo, but it’s unclear how she got on West’s radar with such a low profile.

Last year, when West and famous Canadian rapper, Drake, were feuding, the former Degrassi star leaked a song West recorded with Andre 3000 in which he mentions Corgan by name.


"So don't text me like I'm Juanita JCV / Or more important, Monica Corgan, who was there for me," sang the rapper.

Fans pointed out that she had been posting pictures of herself in the rapper’s merch and had also been spotted going into the rapper’s tour bus on several occasions.

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"Please don't ask again, who's up in the van? / They my only fans,” he rapped in another song that fans believe points to Corgan.

The model’s social media accounts all link to the OnlyFans account that she has, which is why people believe those lines are about her.


Are Monica Corgan and Kanye West dating?

West was last known to be dating Jones, a 24-year-old influencer who recently got “Ye” tattooed on her wrist last month.

The pair haven’t been spotted together in a while, and Jones’s Instagram account no longer includes posts of the two together, but it’s unclear what the status of their relationship is — the two still follow each other on social media.

On April 23rd, 2022, Corgan posted a tribute to someone who may be her boyfriend on Twitter, saying “I love you so much thank you for everything” and adding several photos of the mystery man, including one of the two of them.

Of course, a lot can happen in a month, but people aren’t convinced that West has moved on from Jones.


Some people claim that she’s actually working for the rapper, maybe as some sort of assistant, others believe that the pair have been dating on and off for a year ever since he and Kardashian announced their divorce.

But it seems like Corgan is enjoying the newfound fame that this public outing has given her, posting all of the links to her social media accounts on her Instagram story last night.

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