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Fans Think There’s A Hidden Reason For Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss That Has Nothing To Do With The Met Gala

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Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande, Khloe Kardashian

Fans who observed Kim Kardashian's drastic weight loss in the weeks before and since this year's Met Gala think the reality TV star may not have been 100% honest about her motives for the change.

For the 2022 Met Gala, Kardashian paid homage to a Hollywood icon by wearing the same dress that Marilyn Monroe wore 60 years ago for President John F. Kennedy’s birthday.

In order to fit in the same dress as Monroe, however, Kimberly needed to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time — and she did. Kardashian claimed she dropped 16 pounds in three weeks.

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Now that the Met Gala is well behind us, many people are starting to rethink what the purpose of that weight loss was and that maybe she had some ulterior motives when shedding those pounds.

Fans believe Kim Kardashian lost weight because of Khloe Kardashian's weight loss journey.

Everyone knows that the Kardashians work out. 

Every single one of them has a trainer that they work out with, discuss nutrition goals, and form plans with in order to lose — or gain — weight in whatever places they want.

Everyone also knows that Khloe has always been criticized and bullied by people who want her to conform to the unrealistic body standards of her fellow sisters.

She’s always been larger than her sisters, but it was ok because she didn’t need to conform to anyone’s ideal shape — until she did.

Khloe has been working out heavily in order to work on her figure and is now commonly referred to by the fans as the “skinny sister” of the Kardashians.

Fans think that this upset Kim, who was always the one in the spotlight and headlines for her body — especially since she’s been known to “break the internet”.

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In order to one-up her sister, Kim allegedly used Khloe’s weight loss as fuel for her own weight loss journey where she lost 16 pounds in three weeks, according to fans.

“I just don’t think she could handle the idea of Khloe being skinnier than her,” one fan wrote on the “r/KUWTK” subreddit. “She couldn't let Khloe have the title of skinny sister,” wrote another.

But a lot of fans don’t think it stops there and bring her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, to the stand.

It’s no surprise that Kim and Davidson have been getting closer as time goes on.

E.B. Johnson, a life coach and narcissistic abuse expert, explained on TikTok a couple of weeks back how she believes that the Kardashian sisters typically take on their partner’s personalities.

The Kardashian women "seem to really struggle with self-identity and knowing who they are and being able to confidently say who they are and even what they want for themselves," she said.

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When Kim was with Kanye, she adopted a lot of the same priorities that he had, like fashion, so now that she’s with Davidson, people think she’s trying to conform to looking skinnier in order to fit his aesthetic.

“Pete’s a pretty scrawny guy and could potentially make someone curvy (yes, she was still skinny but curvier for sure) look larger,” reads a post on the same subreddit.

Many people also pointed out that a lot of Davidson’s exes were very petite — for example, Ariana Grande.

Maybe Kim feels intimidated by the women Davidson has seen in the past and in a push to keep the man she loves, wants to take on the appearance of the women he used to love.

Here's hoping Kim is changing her appearance in a safe, healthy way and is simply exercising to feel better rather than to focus on achieving a certain look.

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