Why Kim Kardashian Is 'Banned' From Buying Ferrari Cars

Ferrari is not a Kardashian fan it seems.

Kim Kardashian Asatur Yesayants / Shutterstock.com / Ferrari

While there are certainly many brands in the world that are vying for the promotion of their product by the Kardashians, the automobile manufacturer, Ferrari, doesn’t seem to be one of them.

As one of the most famous families in the world, with fans who will eat, sleep and breathe anything Kardashian, you would think that a luxury car company would want to collaborate with them, but Ferrari has actually barred them from purchasing some of their cars.


The Kardashians are restricted when it comes to buying Ferrari cars.

Ferrari has the right to restrict anyone from buying their cars, even the Kardashians.

Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, and Nicholas Cage all join the Kardashians on a certain list that bars people from purchasing some special editions of Ferrari vehicles.

In order to clear up any rumors about what that might mean and to avoid a stain on the car manufacturers' reputation, they’ve spoken out about the widely talked about issue.

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The truth isn’t that these celebrities are completely blacklisted, as some would think, but the car manufacturer has some rules when it comes to working with them that, if broken, would take you off certain VIP lists that would grant you access to purchasing special edition vehicles.


The most important rule they have is that customers cannot make excessive modifications to the vehicle or sell it during the first year.

Bieber broke that rule after buying a Ferrari 458 Italia some time ago.

When the Canadian musical artist purchased the vehicle, it had a white exterior with white rims but took it to West Coast Customs a few weeks later to completely change its look — putting it up for auction in 2017.


While Kardashian hasn’t been spotted with a completely altered Ferrari, she may have done something else to bother the Italian car company.

Auto Evolution reports that Ferrari does extensive background checks and may not sell you one of their cars if they find out you own a Lamborghini — which Kim does.

During a tour of Kim’s house that was recorded and posted on YouTube by Vogue on February 18th, 2022, you can see a collection of her favorite cars which includes a Rolls-Royce, a Maybach, and a Lamborghini.

If they found out that the Kardashian family supports the company’s longtime rival, then that would give them enough of a reason to bar them from their special edition vehicles.


Not only that, but the cars that she showed all appeared in the color grey, seemingly customized by the billionaire SKKN founder.

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“My Lamborghini Urus, which has this kit on the front of it so it looks a little different, my Rolls-Royce is grey also…” she says in the video before admitting that she also painted the Maybach sedan grey.

Kim was once gifted a Ferrari 458 Italia in 2011 by a Malaysian businessman who offered her the gift in congratulations on her marriage with Kris Humphries and was also spotted in a brand new Ferrari in 2012, although it’s speculated that it may have belonged to her ex-husband Kanye West.


Maybe Ferrari had a lack of trust that Kim would take care of the Ferrari she might own.

Maybe it’s because she said that a Lamborghini she owns is one of her favorite cars.

Either way, she won’t be buying any special edition Ferraris any time soon, as "Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions," the brand said in a statement to Marca.


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