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Devin Booker Accused Of Cheating On Kendall Jenner At Party Where He Served Her Tequila Brand

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Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner, 818 Tequila

Devin Booker has been accused of cheating on Kendall Jenner despite the couple seemingly appearing stronger than ever.

Followers of the reality TV star and model have been riding a roller coaster of emotions this year as they can never really tell how things are going with her NBA star boyfriend.

The couple were rumored to have split earlier this year but have been seen out and about recently looking loved up.



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However, rumors have started spreading about Booker’s potential infidelities.

Did Devin Booker cheat on Kendall Jenner?

Booker has been accused of "getting cozy" with Instagram models behind Jenner's back.

Cheating rumors originated in a DeuxMoi post that appeared to suggest Booker was seen cozying up to another woman.

The gossip account shared an anonymous tip that did not name the Phoenix Suns player or his famous girlfriend but clues suggest it is about them.

“A certain A-List basketball player was getting cozy at his pool party this past week with someone other than his very famous reality star girlfriend,” read the anonymous post on DeuxMoi’s Instagram story.

“The worst part? He shamelessly gives out bottles of her drink of choice as party favors.”

Jenner famously owns and is regularly seen promoting 818 Tequila.

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“Something tells me he has these ‘pool parties’ where it more accurately resembles a brothel pretty regularly,” they added. “He is known to get around the local Instagram model community and has one particular favorite.”

The post is unverified so it could all just be meaningless accusations but it definitely isn't looking great for Booker.

Jenner and Booker first began dating sometime in 2020, and even sparked engagement rumors earlier this year, but are known to keep their relationship relatively low-key with only the occasional Instagram post and public appearance together.

Devin Booker was previously accused of cheating on Kendall Jenner.

Influencer Ava Louise, who is arguably best known for licking a toilet seat during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic or fabricating rumors about Kanye West having an affair with Jeffree Starr, suggested Booker was cheating on Jenner in January.



She shared a screenshot of Booker allegedly asking for her number via Instagram DMs but covered up the timestamp so it is unclear if he was dating Jenner at the time.

Booker and Jenner were reported to have split earlier in the summer after deleting a series of Instagram posts together but were spotted kissing at the US Open in September.

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