11 Undeniable Signs He's About To Leave You For Another Woman

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signs he is leaving you for another woman

Of all the methods of breaking up that one can experience, few can be as hurtful and traumatic as infidelity. In most cases where this happens, people who get dumped for the other woman end up being blindsided by it. Or, they never actually get confirmation of the fact, which often makes the breakup that much worse.

The best way to defend yourself from this kind of breakup is to know the signs he's cheating on you and act accordingly. Though most guys may think they’re being slick about it, there are often clues that they are going to be pulling the trigger on you.

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Here are the biggest signs you need to watch for if you’re worried about being left for the other woman.

11 Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman And Is Leaving You For Her

1. He’s been emotionally distancing himself from you.

When they decide to “make the jump" to the other woman, most guys start distancing themselves from their original partner. This shows itself in a number of ways, including a lower amount of eye contact, refusing to talk to you, getting icy towards you, and generally seeming less interested than he once was.

Along with being a classic sign of cheating, it’s also a sign that he’s checking out of the relationship.

2. You’re more like roommates than anything else.

This sign is unique in a number of ways, but mostly because it can be both the cause of him cheating and a sign that it’s about to be over between the two of you.

If you regularly rejected him for sex, this could be an indication that he will likely leave you for someone more interested in the long-term. If this started while you were making sure his needs were met, it’s a sign he’s getting it from someone else and is in the process of detaching.

3. The time he spends with you is shrinking rapidly.

When cheaters decide to jump ship from their main relationship, the girls they’re dumping quickly notice the amount of time they spend with their partners shrinking.

He’s no longer prioritizing you, spending as much time as possible with his future girlfriend instead.

4. Money is tighter than ever, and you’re footing most of the bills despite him having a job and working long hours.

This is one of the signs he's seeing another woman and is saving up for a divorce, spending all his cash on another woman, or funneling money towards another apartment.

This is also a sign you need to dump his mooching butt. After all, why are you supporting a cheater?

5. He stopped bothering trying to make things work.

Do you find yourself being the only one actually working to keep the relationship together? If so, he may be trying to be dead weight as a way to get you to dump him.

Or, more commonly, he could have legitimately just stopped caring to the point that he just has no interest in even keeping up appearances.

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6. He starts hiding you from public view.

One thing that many cheaters do when they leave their main girl for the side chick is a slow fade of the main girl’s spotlight. This happens gradually, with guys often choosing to leave their wives at home during company parties. Then, the fade starts to happen online, too.

If you see this happening, it’s time to call it quits. He’s making his statement loud and clear.

7. He’s been caught cheating before, possibly with the same girl.

Generally speaking, guys who are repeat cheaters are more likely to dump you for another woman. They’re opportunists and tend to look to “trade up” whenever they see fit.

If you’re with a repeat cheater, you need to dump him before he dumps you.

8. There’s someone you have an increasingly bad feeling about.

This is both an indication of cheating and an indication that something just isn’t well with your relationship.

Most people who have been cheated on tend to have an idea who the other person was. Call it intuition or just observation, but most of the time, it’s the person you tend to feel most threatened by.

If you’re a normally relaxed person who’s getting a very sinking feeling around a person to the point of alarm, you may need to take that as a cue that he may leave you for them.

9. A specific person has started to take priority over you.

This is one of the biggest giveaways that you’re about to be replaced. A man typically prioritizes the woman he loves over all other women. If you find that he’s choosing to prioritize a girl who isn’t you, it’s almost certain he’s catching feelings for her.

If you have tried to talk to him about dropping a specific female friend who has been increasingly eating up time with him, and he refuses, it’s a good sign that he’ll eventually end up dumping you for her or just expect you to live in her shadow.

10. He tried to dump you out of the blue, and wouldn’t tell you a reason at all... but you reconciled.

A lot of times, when guys do a sudden breakup without any warning sign whatsoever, and won’t give a real reason for why they’re doing it, it’s because of another girl. If he’s tried to do this before, it’s almost certain he’s thinking about doing it again.

Similarly, if you were dumped this way, chances are extremely high that another girl is in the picture, especially if he started dating her a week after he left you.

11. You literally feel squeezed out of his life and his future.

Most people are pretty wise to when they are wanted and when they aren’t wanted in someone’s life. If you feel like he’s pressuring you to leave or if he keeps cutting you out of future plans, then it’s likely he’s looking to dump you. If you notice that someone else is being included more frequently, it’s very likely that he’s leaving you for someone else.

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