The Universe Has A Specific Message For 4 Zodiac Signs On July 8, During Moon Square Mars

On July 8th, the Moon squares Mars in Leo/Taurus, a transit that has special meaning for four zodiac signs.

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While Moon transits begin and end quickly, some may pack a punch more than others. Such is the case on July 8, 2024, a transit that has special meaning for four zodiac signs.

Some Moon transits are positive, while others are prone to upset or even anger. One of the more difficult moon transits is Moon Square Mars, which is capable of igniting serious internal passions until they reach a boiling point. 


The Moon rules women and our emotions while Mars rules aggression, assertiveness, action, and men. When the Moon squares Mars we are prone to emotional upsets or anger. The Moon rules our intuition, so, in some cases, if emotions aren’t too tense or upset it can stimulate our intuitive side.

On July 8, 2024, the Moon squares Mars in Leo/Taurus and this transit has a special meaning for Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius.

1. Cancer

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The Moon squares Mars from your second house of money to your eleventh house of friends, hopes, and wishes. Cancer, have you been overspending? It's time to take a look at your finances and reign in the unnecessary spending you may do to make yourself feel better about something.

Cancer usually has a tenuous relationship with money, especially during their youth. Most Cancers have no problem saving for a rainy day and they often do. But, Cancer is also insecure about money and frequently worries about having enough, even if things are going well. So, Cancer, the question is — are you really in a pinch or is this something that will resolve itself quickly?

This brings us to the real question: What would it take to make you feel financially secure? This goes deeper than just your worry today. Instead of constantly worrying about money, what about setting up a long-term plan having to do with financial security? This, of course, begins with saving, perhaps investing — and nothing is more important to Cancer than having their own home.

It’s time to sit down, put pen to paper so to speak, and come up with a workable financial plan so these worries don’t occur so frequently.


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2. Scorpio

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The Moon/Mars aspect falls in your seventh house of partners to your 10th house of career. Scorpio, have you been spending so much time trying to get ahead that you are ignoring your significant other or those closest to you?


Everything in life involves finding balance. This includes work and personal life. The past few years have not been easy for you when it comes to relationships and many Scorpio relationships have ended, sometimes suddenly and without warning. Now is one of those times when you will have to make an important decision — do you value being with and having a partner or is impressing someone else more important?

If you do value your relationship, it’s time to start putting a little more effort into letting that person or those closest to you know that you care about them. You revel in secrecy and no one really knows what you are thinking other than yourself, but it’s a question of values. Today may be impossible to set up time with your loved one, but you can still make plans for later this week.

It is possible — and worth the effort — to balance your personal life and work. Otherwise, your partnership may not always be there for you to put off until everything else you have to do is finished.

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3. Gemini

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The Moon/Mars aspect falls in your third to sixth houses, so this aspect will center around co-workers and your work situation. 

There is someone you work with that you have found very annoying lately. Perhaps you can’t quite put your finger on what the problem is. You have asked yourself numerous times why they seem to be overly critical of you and have wondered if it has to do with competition, a personality conflict, jealousy, or something else you haven’t been able to identify. They always seem to be watching you, waiting to point out some imagined issue that you don’t get or in some subtle way imply you aren’t up to the job.


Your response has been to ignore them, push them away, and cut them off when it comes to having a conversation, possibly to the point of rudeness. In the beginning, they seemed nice enough but you are starting to believe they are out to make you look bad, or perhaps they are even after your job.

Gemini, you are known for being open-minded, balanced, and fair in all cases, but have you given this person a chance, or really sat down to discover what they are trying to tell you? 

If you do this, you will find that perhaps they are trying to say something that may be of benefit to you. Perhaps there is an aspect of your work that you aren’t seeing as clearly as you should. Alternatively, they could have new information that could help you in some area you hadn’t thought about. Either way, there is a message here that you actually need to hear. 

Gemini, you are rational and open-minded so you may be surprised by what the message really is, and you may well benefit from it, so take the time to listen.


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4. Virgo

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The Moon/Mars aspect falls in your ninth to 12th house so this aspect centers around travel and your personal world views. 


Uranus in your 9th house is encouraging you to branch out in the world and increase your knowledge. This could mean formally, or informally. Some Virgos will literally go back to school to take up a brand new course of study and others will increase their knowledge in their current field. Alternatively, this could be some sort of self-directed study, classes, seminars, or other informal study.

It seems, Virgo, that your worldview has undergone some recent changes. This could be a result of many things. The world is changing rapidly these days and you are smart enough to know and understand this. You are blessed with a critical way of thinking and looking at things, and as your knowledge increases, your worldview will continue to shift more than it does with others. You are open-minded and able to get to the root of a problem quickly. So, in many respects, you are a powerful asset to anyone who seeks your counseling or opinions.

Traveling has been on your mind as well, and all travel is education. Have you been thinking of going somewhere new to check things out or are you seriously considering a move? What is holding you back? If this is your desire, you need to put more focus on it and make this a reality.


With the Moon in your 12th house today, there is a lot on your mind and a lot in your subconscious mind that needs to be resolved. Over the next 24 hours spend some time trying to get in touch with the way you really feel about the above-mentioned matters because there is a way to make it happen. Focus today and it will be revealed.

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