5 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes When Neptune Retrograde Begins On July 2

Major changes swing in as Neptune goes retrograde!

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The energy on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, reminds us that true loyalty and devotion is earned, not commanded. Five zodiac signs will have the best horoscopes under this influence, but everyone is urged to be mindful of their place in the world and their impact on it too.

We have two major astrological transits occurring on July 2: Neptune retrograde in Pisces and the transition of Mercury from Cancer to Leo. This will create an interesting vortex of situations for the collective. On the one hand, Neptune retrograde will try to lull everyone into a haze of fantasy and unrealism, while on the other hand, Mercury in Leo will nudge people to put their stamp on the world in concrete ways. 


For some, this combination will unleash deep desires to be a social media superstar or famous on the world stage in some capacity through the use of visuals and more to spin a fantastical story and capture everyone's minds and attention.

Be mindful of these heavy forces and trust your intuition — you will know when and how to steer clear of toxic things while simultaneously tapping into the beneficial side of these cosmic currents to unleash your creativity and confidence. Can you do it? That's the question. 

Now let's focus on the five zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on July 2, 2024, when Neptune retrograde begins.

1. Capricorn

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Capricorn, you will be in your element and the master (or mistress) of your game on Tuesday! This can be literal for those of you who are athletes or taking part in some competition. But for others, this is a metaphorical message about not paying the naysayers any mind because you have the force of the cosmos backing you up.

Also, if you feel called to, watch drama or participate in something theatrical, even if it's just a game of charades. Intriguing insights await you on this path.

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2. Leo

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Love is in the air for you on Tuesday, Leo. What will you do with this energy? Will you let it help you transform your love life and romance? Or will you sit on it and wait for the other person to make a move? 

Now's not the time to be passive. This energy calls on you to take charge of your own destiny and watch the treasures roll in when you do.

Also, if you love playing spin-a-yarn or other storytelling games, now's the perfect time to engage in such activities with your friends or family. It may not make sense now, but the hidden reason will become obvious once you start playing!

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3. Pisces

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Pisces, who is your best friend and who is a foe? That's the question of the day for you for Tuesday. If you pay attention and answer it honestly, you will find yourself steered away from harm and towards those who truly love and cherish you.

Those of you who are artists or creatives in some capacity are also encouraged to engage with visual arts and crafts on this day. Intriguing insights and deep inspiration await you on this path.


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4. Aquarius

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Aquarius, the cosmos don't need to know your name for them to know you. Don't let anyone diminish your contributions, and skills and talents. You have karma and the cosmic forces backing you up strongly. As long as you focus on what's important to you and ignore what's not, you will be fine.


You are also encouraged to indulge in storytelling games on this day to help you unleash your creative side and discover interesting insights that suddenly pop up from your subconscious (or that of someone else playing alongside you).

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5. Cancer

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Cancer, the energy on Tuesday is here to lift you up and help you fly. Will you embrace it and allow it to take you to the heights you deserve to cruise at? Don't let fears or self-sabotage hold you back! You have more talent within you than all the naysayers combined. The cosmic forces are here to help you make the most of it.

Also, if you are into dramatics or theatre, now's a good time to allow the various facets of your personality to come to light through the characters you play or challenge yourself to enact. A deeper understanding of the world and the people in it awaits you on this path.

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