2 Zodiac Signs Experience Blissful Abundance On June 18, 2024

Despite some cosmic challenges today, a little situational awareness and empathy leads two zodiac signs into a day full of abundance.

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A bundle of cosmic challenges may rain on your parade today, but that doesn't mean we can't be well-prepared with a little astrological umbrella (thanks to your daily abundance horoscope, of course!). 

On the morning of June 18, Mercury forms a quincunx with Pluto in Aquarius, stirring up potential communication blips and causing unintended friction in relationships. This aspect serves as a gentle reminder to be extra considerate and tactful in your interactions today, which will prove to be a fruitful choice later in the week. Then, later in the day, Venus quincunx Pluto in Aquarius might add a dash of intensity to your relationships. This cosmic alignment invites you to deepen connections by balancing your desires with the needs of your loved ones. Embracing diplomacy and flexibility will work wonders in fostering stronger, more harmonious bonds. 


Embracing these little cosmic challenges thrown your way today with both situational awareness and empathy will lead to a day full of abundance. These experiences can be tough and may test our patience. But, each challenge we face is an ability to learn and adapt. Remember, we grow through what we go through, and failure, really is just a lesson in disguise.

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2 zodiac signs experience blissful abundance on June 18, 2024

1. Gemini

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Gemini, on June 18th, your communication skills are about to be tested! With Mercury quincunx Pluto today, prepare for some workplace drama. You might clash with colleagues today or find yourself in frequent misunderstandings. This cosmic clash is nudging you to practice the art of biting your tongue and remain flexible with your approach in order to keep things running smoothly. 

Sure, Gemini — you may be known to be a little (or maybe a lot) confrontational, but as you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of dexterity, you're actually also known to be quite adaptable, too. As a mutable air sign, you tend to possess the qualities of a social chameleon: a knack for blending in and always able to shift gears when needed. That's why today you should have no problem if any issue comes up! If you catch yourself opting for sarcasm, just remember the planetary alignments today are trying to teach you a lesson in refining your diplomacy skills and navigate office politics like a pro.


Additionally, with Venus quincunx Pluto in your seventh house, brace yourself for some relationship drama, Gemini! Power struggles and control issues might pop up, turning your love life into a bit of a soap opera if you let them. It may feel like a bit of a spicy tug-of-war today, with neither you nor your partner willing to give an inch. Fear not — this just means that the stars are nudging you to find that sweet spot between your needs and your partner's. If you can do that, you're likely to rediscover a newfound, deeper sense of adoration for the love you share and feel more self-sufficient in other aspects of your life as a result. 

So, use that trademark versatility of yours to smooth things over, Gemini. A little sensitivity and compromise can go a long way, you know? And remember, communication is your superpower, so channel your Mercurial spirit to keep things harmonious and thriving.

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2. Sagittarius

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Sagittarius, on June 18th, you’ll be urged to find inner peace amongst the chaos. The day will kick off with the Sun in your seventh house of relationships forming a semi-square with the Moon in Scorpio in your 12th house. In astrology, the 12th house is traditionally ruled by Pisces. That's because — if you couldn't already tell — Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Now, as the last sign, Pisces is the wise old soul of the zodiac. This is because in the flow and order of the classic wheel chart, Pisces is said to have soaked up all the greatest lessons, teaching, trials and tribulations of all the signs that came before them. This makes Pisces typically a very intuitive and empathetic sign.

Now, the 12th house encompasses all of the hidden, intangible aspects of life. It’s where we ruminate and think about our current mindset or the mindsets we want to adopt. That's why this aspect is urging you to take a good look at your relationships. Does your lover or squad make you feel uplifted or drained after hanging out with them? Well, it's time to Marie Kondo your social circle and focus on your needs first. You might feel a bit miffed at yourself for not prioritizing your needs sooner, but once you do, you’ll be amazed at how freeing it feels. Imagine all that extra time for your hobbies that bring you pure bliss — sounds fab, right?

Plus, the Moon-quincunx-North Node will really work in the backdrop today to help you focus more on who matters most — you. You've made a mental note with yourself that from this day forward, you will no longer put off the personal goals you set for yourself. And when you commit to your promises, it will help increase the trust you have in yourself, and thus you'll find it dramatically improves your sense of self.

However, the Moon's semi-square with Lilith might stir up some emotional drama on the home front today. Family tensions could disrupt your inner peace, but don’t sweat it. This aspect is prompting you to tackle these issues head-on (ahem, without the sass, please!) so that you'll soon restore peace and harmony to your living sitch. After all, you know better than anyone that home is not a place but a feeling.


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