5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve Between June 17 - 23, 2024

Relationships become more serious as you crave a love you can come home to.

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The week of June 17 brings Mercury, Venus and Sun all shifting into the loving water sign of Cancer, improving relationships for five special zodiac signs. Cancer rules matters of home, family, and domesticity. When this energy influences you, romantic flings become outdated while you become more focused on your long-term desires for relationships and even marriage. 

After the lessons and fun of Gemini season, Cancer reminds you that not everyone you can have fun with is someone you want to wake up to in the morning. What you’re looking for in love changes, as do your standards for what you will accept. But it can also call you back to the place and arms that continually feel like home, helping you heal recent arguments or periods of separation. Instead of looking for someone to simply go home with, the energy beginning June 17 invites you to reflect on who you want to go home to — and the life you want to build together.


5 zodiac signs whose relationships drastically improve when Cancer season begins between June 17 - 23, 2024

1. Capricorn

It’s never too late to fix a relationship, especially one that you’ve invested so much energy and time into. There will always be times of not only challenges, but also phases where you and your partner are each focusing on other aspects of life — which may show up as a separation in your connection. While the universe always guides you to ensure you are speaking from the heart in the relationship, it’s also important to align your actions with your words so that you are create the positive changes you seek.


The Sun shifts into Cancer on Thursday, June 20, which will help you be able to do whatever it takes to fix or save your relationship. Cancer helps you embrace your softer side and prioritize more quality time with your partner. Instead of your relationship being an afterthought or what you think about only after you’ve completed the rest of your day, it will become a more important aspect of your routine and life. 

Even if it feels like you have to put work on the backburner right now, let yourself refocus your energy on your relationship by showing your partner that they matter, planning intimate dates, and simply letting yourself receive the love of your beautiful connection.

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2. Pisces

You might be faced with making a crucial decision sooner rather than later, especially as it relates to the future of your relationship. While you will need to remain present and not try to delay progressing your connection to the next level, you also need to make sure that you are honoring what you want, too. You’ve reached the space where you are ready to go all in, whether that means committing fully to a relationship or even talking about marriage. This is a step in the direction of your dreams. Remember, though — as much as you are looking forward to this new phase of love, you must also make sure that you continue honoring yourself and your dreams every step of the way.


Venus and Mercury will both shift into Cancer on Monday, June 17 highlighting a long-term love affair and conversations involving commitment, marriage, and the plans you have for the future. Venus is the planet of love, while Mercury will help facilitate those important conversations. These two planets coming together is an offer that you can’t refuse, and while it may be coming at a different time than you had imagined, it is everything you’ve been wanting. Let yourself say yes, or even fully express how you feel to your partner, but also continue to live your own fabulous life, knowing that even the best relationship is never a replacement for fulfilling your own dreams.

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3. Aquarius

You must make a promise to yourself to speak your truth without worrying how it will be perceived or even if it will be understood. The only way that love can continue to grow is if it is based on truth, which means you must be willing to not only share the feelings of disconnect you’ve had but also be willing to put in the effort to rekindle those romantic flames. Instead of disconnecting when you feel upset or unheard by your partner, try to lean in. Hold space for uncomfortable conversations and look to how you can show up better. Not that this is solely your issue to fix, but simply giving your partner space and ignoring any issues at hand certainly won’t help either.

Asteroid Vesta will shift into Leo on Wednesday, June 19, helping you feel more connected to your partner and healing any distance you’ve felt in your relationship. Vesta governs the home fires — not only your internal flame, but also the one you create with your partner. In Leo, it will bring a much-needed turnaround to your relationship as long as you are willing to talk about what you’re feeling and simply remain present. 


Even if you can’t think of any specific way to fix the connection overall, remember that space can cause an even greater divide at times. When you can let yourself take the risk of being emotionally uncomfortable, holding your boundaries, and leaning in instead of away, then you also allow yourself to remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

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4. Cancer

The love that you accept will only ever mirror the one you’ve created in yourself. This doesn’t mean it’s your fault for any past heartbreak you’ve experienced, but only that to attract better, you first need to love yourself in all the ways you need. As much as your relationship should feel like home, the first home you need to care for and protect is the one within. Let yourself see that while you create a mutual container for your relationship, your true home is always within yourself. This is your power — by embracing it, you can also attract and improve any aspect of your romantic life.

While Sun, Venus and Mercury make a procession into your zodiac sign of Cancer beginning June 17, the Full Moon in Capricorn shines a light of hope into your romantic life on Friday, June 21. The Sun, Venus and Mercury will help you develop a deeper love for yourself that will allow you to be bolder in saying what it is that you want or need from your partner. By embracing this more unapologetic nature within yourself, you will also be able to gain greater clarity over your romantic life and any decisions you need to make. 


The Full Moon in Capricorn will bring to fruition a theme that began around the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11. Reflect specifically on how you feel about yourself has evolved since then, and because of that, how what you need in a relationship has shifted. Allow yourself to grow, say what you need, and speak with the confidence of knowing you deserve nothing less.

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5. Scorpio

Start embracing more hope when it comes to your romantic life. Forgive those who have hurt you in the past and take ownership of the lessons you needed to learn during that time. See the purpose within everything and let everything you have been through serve to make you better. You can’t truly embrace this new and exciting period in your life if you’re still seeing yourself as the one that was wronged or misled. Empower yourself to see the full scope of what went into all you have experienced in this life, and then smile as you know you are the creator of all you desire and now — you can choose differently.

On Friday, June 21, Mercury in Cancer will form a karmic touchpoint with Mars in Taurus, activating a tantalizing offer for a new beginning in your romantic life. Mars in Taurus is helping you become more proactive in healing your existing connection or opening yourself up to new love. While this might cause a bit of an internal battle, it’s one that your heart is sure to win. 


With Mercury in Cancer though, you will receive news or an invitation for a new beginning that will continually help you evolve and bring in some much-needed luck. Often, the luckiest choice you can make is simply knowing when it’s time to move ahead. At a certain point, there isn’t anything left to do than take that next step and see what happens. By ensuring that the past is precisely where it is meant to be, you will be able to take advantage of this new and exciting offer that just may have you finally believing in love again.

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